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  • Hey Timothy...question about your ETM....what kind of generator do you use to run it...watts and so forth...Thanks Lance
    Hey Tim do you still have the old Steamway wand or was that just from when you were an employee. The wand that came with my Powermatic is a POS open spray single jet and it fills the room with steam giving me headaches with dry times occasionally. Thanks
    I got it just on time I lost a cool cuff male and this one works just fine Thank you so much
    Hey Timothy for some strange reason I'm unable to PM you. I have a question about your set up, and the way you have your fresh water tank feeding your M5. I was looking into 35 gallon fresh and waste tanks, but was interested to know how to get water from the tank to the machine. Do you have any suggestions?

    You can PM me if you're able to
    I will take it Fresh-Carpets 2100 Windflow dr Rosamond,CA 93560
    Thank you Have a nice day
    thats a good price, I would jump on it but went out and bought new water tank and waste and a pump, I took your advice and got a 35 gallon, wanted the 40 but they was out
    So far I have had 2, the speedster 1000dx which I still use at times, and the M5+ that I just love
    Today has been slow for me, tomorrow is booked and it's going to be raining cats and dogs!
    Sorry I had I was a supplier marked, I thought it wanted to know who I used. lol......got it fixed
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