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    You Never Know !!!

    I had a lady once that was a pain. Small house $90 minimum at the time. She nit picked everything. 2.5 hrs. I was frustrated but she never knew. She referred me to a costumer that turned into a $32,000/year contract. Reputation builds a business.
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    Costumer tried first!

    I’ve done a few of these with no problems but this is bad. I was thinking I’d be out in an hour and a half and quoted $300. At this point I’ve learned a lesson and have to bite the bullet. Money is nice but a reputation is priceless. Thanks for the help
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    Costumer tried first!

    Black pad on 175 followed by spinner turned down to 800psi with heat at 230. I just went to a stripper. It had about 10 coats of sealer. Costumer used something from Home Depot. I’ll have to ask her to see it again when she gets back. It seemed to be acid based.
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    Costumer tried first!

    So I took what would have been an easy job. The costumer spent 16 hours stripping about 16sqft of slate. Now I come and strip an clean the slate and it doesn’t match what they did. What do you do?
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    It's all mental!!!

    Heat may not be necessary but it sure is nice. Has physics changed? Does the activity in the cleaning agents not accelerate as the temperature goes up? It allows for faster dry time too. I started with a portable and would not use the external heater because it made no difference. But when I got...
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    Polishing marble

    What are you guys using for equipment to polish walls and floors? Tennessee marble to be specific.
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    175 vs CRB for prescrubbing

    Good point on the resale, I plan on getting the 20”. Do you have any insight on why that would not be best?
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    175 vs CRB for prescrubbing

    So has anyone ever regretted buying a CRB? Specially a brush pro? My thoughts are that it will save time on carpet agitation and I could start marketing encapsulation for to some of my hotels between HWE. Plus , does a CRB not look more professional on carpet to costumers?
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    Let’s talk about incentives

    I used to reward with cash then the guys started calling in sick 1 day a week. I guess they made enough in 4 days. I sold the business before I figured out a solution, I’d love to hear yours.
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    Rotovac Bonzer nozzle upgrade

    275• , 8 gpm. Holy cow. I feel just a little inadequate now. I thought 4gpm at 250• was nice. Are you guys doing multiple passes with your Bonzer or a single like an cx-15?
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    Van Cargo Area Floor

    Good call. Do you have any good ideas on how to hang wands from the roof?
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    Prochem Everest

    I paid 16,000 cash for a titan with 197 hours and all the bells an whistles of attachments. Plus it was in a trailer ready to work with no more money swapping it. Good deals are out there. Possibly better then that one
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    Van Cargo Area Floor

    Just put this together for about $180 with aluminum and rivets from HD. I figure if you have the time it can save a couple hundred bucks. It’s crazy how all the little things in a van add up. I put 2 gallons of hurculiner from Lowe’s after a $1,400 quote from line-x.
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    Got my first Van

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    Let's talk about auto scrubbers

    I agree with that time on a job like that. I’m more interested in the time spent on bigger jobs when you have an auto scrubber. I’ve been doing more 10,000-16,000 sqft places recently. I just put in a bid that doesn’t allow for the time I take to get a job done, so One option is to hire people...