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    Carpet Cleaning Injury Thread (Graphic)

    Well Rob thank you for your concern. I will be ok and life goes on.

    I now give you the finger....

    Continued....a big part of my soul. I'm sorry if I appear to be a whiner. Its ju0st tearing me apart .

    I now give you the finger....

    Thank you all for you kind thoughts. It really makes a guy feel good knowing he is associated with good people like all of you. I will get back in the field very soon. Doctor said I might have to have one more surgery to graph skin to the top of my finger because a part of the bone will...

    I now give you the finger....

    it was the ring finger on my right hand

    I now give you the finger....

    Pictures...dude I dont think this forum needs that kind of gore and please dont tell me it didn't happen. I've been praying it's been a bad nightmare I wish it didn't happen...I just dont want it to happen to any of you

    I now give you the finger....

    Well I'm running the show from my desk the last few days. yes I know better 41 years of working in and building truck mounts but I was running one of the mounts after putting on a new donut on it. For this truckmount you have to remove input and out put sides of the blower to slide it back and...

    judson fuel oil

    ACP said: "Propane is more common so theres more accidents also 90% of carpet cleaners are low IQ. They have rat nest trucks with old boxes and garbage everywhere plus the tank sitting in the truck." ACP.....So what are you sneaking around looking in my When I go it's going to be in a...

    Who are you?

    I'm Mike.....I'm a bugger eating mouth breathing knuckle dragging moron. Hello

    Time to make a change

    In S. CA. 4k a month is so not survivable I envy you Robert.

    How many people have installed a partition between the cab and truckmount?

    I love it. Cost me about 150.00 and well worth it. I put the in all the vans.

    Prochem Wand leaking significantly

    You can get the rebuild kit for about 10.00. Get the one with two O rings on the stem. Also get an extra valve to keep in the truck about 20 to 25 bucks. All us cheap and easy fix.

    Time to make a change

    I know I know if I could go back in time I would have started this business in maybe Alaska lol. But in had one 3 stage 40 psi castex machine a milk crate of chems a 5 gallon bucket and was king of the world. So now 4 Van's later rug shop 41 years of customer base great wife there's no turning...

    Time to make a change

    My son is renting a 1 bedroom apt in a crappy area and he's paying 2600.00 a month rent. DANG

    Time to make a change

    Wow I would love just having to make 1k a week to stay a float. Here in Orange County CA. The cost of living is so ridiculously high you need at least 100k a year to just get buy. No I'm not kidding you. Ask anyone here from CA. They'll tell you the same. I spent 1400.00 to 1600.00 a day just...