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    Looking to sell a Jon Don extractor, evolution wand, stair tool, upholstery tool and extra...

    Looking to sell a Jon Don extractor, evolution wand, stair tool, upholstery tool and extra hoses. Call 6107106996. Philadelphia.
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    What do you guys use to advertise?

    I'm learning that you have to use different types of advertising. What do you guys use? For example: newspapers, Adwords, Seo, Angie's list. Just trying to get a grasp on the most effective ways to market. PS: I'm in a big city with a population of over 5 million.
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    How do you price commercial jobs?

    I charge per room for residential. What do you charge per square foot for commercial jobs ?
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    Lead services

    They make more off the leads then you will off the actual job you do.
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    Lead services

    Home Advisors is a scam.
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    Do any of you guys use Angie's List ?

    Does it work and what is the cost?
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    How many of you guys currently use Yelp or other types of online marketing ?
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    How's your business ?

    Do most of you guys open other businesses or do you further grow the carpet cleaning company ?
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    Environmental fee

    How many of you guys are charging an environmental fee. It's basically a charge(5-10%) that you add on the the job to insure you sure you using safe chemicals ?
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    How much do you make per day?

    How much do you see your business making per day per truck. Also what is your geographic area because that is important when it comes to income?
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    We Clean Carpet

    Any thoughts on this company and their business model? What they do is buy all portable extractors and only offer carpet cleaning at 20 dollars per room after the first area( first area is 50$). They seem to put all their money into the work vans and marketing. They pay their workers 20 percent...