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    Anybody have any experience with PageHub?

    Search the forums - there is a ton of info on this. It is however constantly changing in Google. It's best to hire it out but most cleaners don't have the budget. Make sure you fill out your G maps listing completely for sure!
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    New Town, New Start

    See if there is a local paper that will do an auricle on you "moving your business into the area". Many times these guys are looking for new stuff to write about.
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    Luxcelle rug with pee

    Never heard back on this job.
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    Maps at it again!

    I love and hate them!
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    Maps at it again!

    Check your GMB listings - they have disabled service area distance. You now have to put the zips or towns you service. They have also made it so you can't use general categories as your main category like - cleaning service. UGH
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    Youtube vs ads on website

    Well optimized videos can kill it in local search as well a strong channel. Type in "grout cleaning warwick ny" - you should see my vids Also - why would you only be able to do only 1? You should do both
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    Google My Business update

    Yes - I'll PM you
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    Google My Business update

    That's odd - normally once you enter the code all is well. Google up the adwords support number - they can help you
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    Google My Business update

    Local service program is different than GMB - GMB calls are from marketers. I get them all the time - funny - my listing is tops all over the place already thx to me!
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    Trouble with Yelp?

    Seems like Yelp is getting worse and worse! They also (at least around here) somehow call from a local number so it's hard to block! Concentrate on Google reviews and FB reviews.
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    Google My Business update

    Not google calling you - it's a marketing outfit that has found your listing.
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    Allowing techs take trucks home

    When I did years ago I found it was pretty much parked in front of the local bar!!
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    Starting from scratch (kind of long)

    Where are located?
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    Latest Wordpress Update - Caution!

    Methinks this will be a mess for a bit! I found this from Yoast: I was also able to use this plugin to fix one of my sites built on Moto theme as well as another theme I own developer rites too: