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    Linen Area Rug

    I have a BR linen area rug to clean (under a very heavy bed) on location. Looks like a bound broadloom, off white color. Can I safely use HWE? Any suggestions?
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    Drapery Water Stains

    I have Chemspec Browning Solution, Hydramaster Rinse Out. I have also used hydrogen peroxide and sunlight on 100% linen footstool in the past on lighter colored water stain with excellent results.
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    Drapery Water Stains

    Decorator had just hung $3000 worth of (full wall width) WHITE 85% polypropylene/ 15% linen blackout drapes on Thursday. Someone left sliding door open for the weekend. Tenants returned home on Monday and found water stains on the bottom of the brand new drapes (see pics). They don’t appear...
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    Thank you. Forgot to mention wall covering starts about 4’ off the floor and extends approx. 7’ to the ceiling so ladders will be involved. About 750 sf total. Any ideas on pricing from someone with wall experience. It’s been several years since I’ve done fire work.
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    I got a call from a restaurant yesterday. They have 20 year old dark green cotton fabric over polyester batting on the walls of two dining rooms for sound reduction. The fireplaces have added a significant layer of soot on the fabric. I did about a 3 sf test area with a small dry cleaning sponge...
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    Boxxer XL

    I recently purchased a Boxxer XL. After 175 Hrs the belt tensioner basically "exploded". The part was replaced under warranty (which involved 6 hrs of driving to and back from my distributor). 13 operational hrs later the whole pulley system flew off while cleaning and lodged itself between the...