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  • Looking to see if could send me pic of that rubber Plus where u bought rubber i have dirt dragon 5yrs old replaced squeegees and vac motor
    A message that you sent me about 6 weeks ago just now showed up when I loggen onto the updated TMF.

    You asked about the use of Boost All and how it would effect Fiber Plus.

    Boost all will bring the pH pretty steady at 10.0 or just under 10 depending on the water it is mixed with.

    One benefit is that it will brighten most colors and whiten whites. It does not have much effect on brightening neutral colors like grays and browns. Works gfeat on primary colors like reds, blues and laos on greens and whites.

    The main benefit is to help cut grease and to maintain the buffering of your prespray. It will keep your prespray working longer after it mixes with hard water or contacts greasy soils. Presprays tend to lose detergency from hard water and contact with soils. So, you can longer action and can make use of longer dwell times when using Boost All.

    Scott Warrington
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