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    Beating the foaming problem

    I have never had an issue with foam while cleaning tile. Just use TMF Groutmaster and/or Viper Renew Acidic cleaner. You shouldn't be having trouble with foam while cleaning Tile, in my opinion.
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    Ecocide vs USOR Unchained?

    I have yet to try USOR, but just finished a gallon of ecocide citrus lush. I really liked the ecocide, it's pretty economical too (16:1 for severe odor). I ran out while deodorizing my own house of dog pee, so i still have some dog pee smell. My question is, if staining isn't the concern...
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    Help me name a spotter contest

    Premium Spot and Stain Remover
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    Is USR too old to use if it doesn't burn my hands?

    I bought 4 gallons of Pro's Choice USR sometime a few months ago. Just been sitting in the garage. I have noticed if I spray it on some concrete, it instantly fizzes up, which is a good sign, but it doesn't burn my hand if i pour some on my fingers, or turn them white. I thought I remember it...
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    Getting into VLM, needing advice with logistics of Cimex

    I just measured for a company that wants me to clean 3 massive apartment buildings common areas, mostly hallways. The apartments are for residents 55+, and they are all new, built within last 3 years. I have done massive jobs like this with my TM before, and it was a real hassle. Too long of...
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    White sofa turned pink during cleaning

    I feel like I did test the sofa, though. I actually cleaned the body of it, which had no issues. It was only on the pillows/cushions that there were pink issues, and I even presprayed with a neutral prespray and rinsed with water only and a low moisture upholstery tool, quick dried with air...
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    Customer wants me to pay $65 because I apparently didn't put their furnace door completely back on.

    Honestly, this house had ductwork absolutely filled with dust, couple inches thick, and I had it looking brand new by the time I was done. The idea that I have to clean their coils to do a satisfactory job is total BS. Their HVAC company cleans their coils, and my customers know that. My...
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    White sofa turned pink during cleaning

    Interesting. I did explain to the customer that I was almost certain it was fire retardant, and she told me it would be ok to proceed with cleaning because she would rather there be pink spots than dirt spots. I probably should get better at testing before cleaning.
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    White sofa turned pink during cleaning

    So last week I cleaned a sofa, white, seemed to be mostly cotton, or cotton/ linen. I cleaned the arms and back, looked great. I proceeded to clean a cushion (prespray with prochem fine fabric, extract with hot water, sapphire scientific toool) and the white cushion turned pink only in certain...
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    Grease Eraser is no more!

    I have started using presprays from TMF the most, but I always used to keep a bucket of Grease Eraser on hand as well. Today I went to buy some, and it's gone. The Chemeisters website is also gone. I guess they went out of business? We used that stuff for a looooong time.
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    Is USR the same as the organic stain removers?

    I always go through and post- spot any spots that I couldn't remove, usually with some stain 1, stain magic, just like magic, or stain zone. But I also keep a gallon of USR on me, and wondering if it does the exact same thing, should I just use that instead? Or do those other stain removers...
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    TMF Black Label Prespray before & after pics - Official

    Used red label for the first time today. Looked amazing! Im assuming red label is same as black label aside from scent.
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    CRB vs 175

    Yeah, I just moved back to the midwest from Maui, HI. So I know all about high cost of living lol. But my prices didn't even really reflect it there, because I had so much competition. I only had a $100 minimum on Maui, and I would often waive it for spot cleanings.
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    CRB vs 175

    Dang, so $200 minimum? That is epic. I am at $75.
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    CRB vs 175 charged $200 to clean that rug?!?!?!?!? Dude....I would charge like 20-30 bucks. Looks like about a 5x8 rug. So you are charging $5 per sq ft? Man... that is just blowing my mind right now. I had a lady refuse a $50 cleaning for a swivel living room armchair. Said she wanted to...