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    What type of grease to use in swivel wand?

    Does any multi purpose grease work fine? Mine isn't quite as smooth as it was a year ago
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    If there is one thing you could improve on, what would it be?

    Same as you, I always don't charge enough. That is ending now. Now that it costs $150 to fill up the van!!! Everyone is getting charged for every little thing now! Think about if you are doing 20 bucks worth of freebies per day... thats 5 THOUSAND dollars at the end of a year. Thats a used...
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    OMG, Black Label shocked me!

    I honestly have trouble telling differences between presprays. The only time I really notice a difference is when I use something like unchained mixed in, but I charge a lot for that, as it's expensive, so it's not used all that often. I will say that I prefer black label/blue label over 10k...
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    4 To The Door. There's always 1 vac hose clogged. Help!

    It seems to me that whats happening is that the water builds up in whatever hose is on the bottom. And sometimes there isn't enough vacuum to pull it up because the other hose is free and clear. If that makes any sense. It's whatever hose I have on the bottom that gets full of water. It only...
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    4 To The Door. There's always 1 vac hose clogged. Help!

    Here's 2 pics to show my setup. I have a butler (the one with larger blower) and even when I run on highest speed, there's always 1 vacuum line between the waste tank and filter that gets full of water, making having 2 hosed close to pointless. Should I adjust something on my waste tank valve...
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    White upholstery

    I use TMF cotton and linen shampoo as a prespray on any white upholstery that I'm unsure of. It seems to do just fine. I will say though its hard to tell, because a lot of time, white upholstery is cotton and beyond the point of cleaning. Imagine having a white t shirt that gets all kinds of...
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    Tumeric stain

    Probably the only bet would be an oxidizer like stain magic. Probably would take several treatments, but even's not certain. My mom spilled a big cup of hot coffee and I didnt clean it up for a few days. Even then, after cleaning, I think it took 5 treatments of oxidizer until it...
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    how often do you replace your...

    it makes a difference in suction? why would that be? I have honestly never replaced my vac hose. I usually trade in vans before I even need a new vac hose. I have had my current Butler for 6 years and I've got the original hoses plus some extra. I do run 2 seperate 2" vac hoses to a...
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    Coffee stains on commercial Nylon wont come out

    Have not tried that. I went back today and even though I saturated every spot with stain magic, it didn't touch any of them. The church is 20 years old though so some of them have been there a very long time. I don't think the carpet had been cleaned before
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    Coffee stains on commercial Nylon wont come out

    I'm cleaning a church right now and tomorrow. Probably 50-100 coffee stains. None of them will budge, they just get a bit lighter. I presrayed black label with unchained didn't touch em. I sprayed one with Harvard chemical Java jinx, and have tried stain magic on a few and they've sat for a...
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    Help me choose a new swivel wand!

    So I ended up ordering a wand from (a competing co) , I got the 16" Dang pro wand V4 and I've used it for 2 days now. It is AMAZING. I love it. Feels very well built, and I cover so much ground so fast with the 16". I am sure the TMF wand is absolutely fantastic too, but I figured I would...
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    Help me choose a new NON swivel wand!

    Do you own the devastator wand, or just tried it? If you have one, I'd definitely buy it from you!
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    Help me choose a new swivel wand!

    I'm suffering from too many options. A couple months ago, I joined the club of owning a swivel wand. I got the hydroforce one, being that it was only $600 or $700, and it sucks. It came with the splashguards broken, the head is made of crappy plastic, and the weld that holds the jet-bar to...
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    Business super slow!

    Alright so, just an update, I am now EXTREMELY busy. Went on vacation 2 weeks ago, the calls started pouring in and haven't stopped. A little bit repeat customers, and a little bit FB advertising. This is the first time I have advertised in several years, and never have before on google or...
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    Duct cover workaround?

    This is a huge reason that I am not going to offer duct cleaning anymore, soon. I can't tell you how many jobs I have been on where I am literally spending like 3-4 hours re-installing ceiling diffusers that are almost IMPOSSIBLE to get back in once you take them out. Absolutely KILLS your neck...