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    Kirby Vac?

    I just bought a Kirby Avalir 2. It has power assist and pushes so nice and easy. Does a great job on digging that soil up. I get lots of compliments from our customers on it.
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    2006 Chevrolet 2500 van with 2009 Prochem Apex truckmount $14,900

    Looks like a great setup and very well cared for!
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    Trailer for sale

    Is your trailer insulated? Did you use Etrack to hang your fans?
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    If you do a lot of commercial....

    I would like to try it on Berber. I tried one at a Fest in Phoenix on some CGD and it worked awesome!
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    Hi Blake, I'm also fully employed and have just begun to start our cleaning business full time. I think one of the best things you can do is to buy your equipment now and get it paid off. You're going to want something bigger and better than a Bissel. Look into getting a van and a truckmount...
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    Please help my wife and I decide on the best carpet cleaning machine...

    You must be in the UK? I'm not real familiar with the machines that you listed other than the Rug Doctor and they're pieces of shit. If those are your only options I would go with the Prochem. It doesn't quite have enough psi but I think you could get the job done with it, if you take your time...
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    What TMF members would you bring back?

    When I first joined TMF I gave up Facebook for over a year. This place was so awesome. Everytime I'd look at my phone there would be so many posts I could hardly keep up. It was great because there would be the drama like a Soap Opera that kept you coming back but there was also so much valuable...
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    Masters touch cleaning system for sale

    Where in Montana are you located? I
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    What TMF members would you bring back?

    It's good to see you posting JT! Your input has helped me many times. You got me to start using more aggressive pads on the filthy carpets. I still haven't tried adding bleach yet though.
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    Stains coming back! So Weird!

    Do you have a 175 machine?
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    What TMF members would you bring back?

    Yes or anyone else that's talked to him. I know he ruffles some feathers but he had a lot of great input. I like his style of cleaning.
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    What TMF members would you bring back?

    Does anyone know if 6figure is still in the game?
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    questions for rob and his new solvent sealer?

    Rick I've been using a similar product for a year now and we apply it with our multi sprayer and then flat mop it on. However you need to rinse the multi with water soon after or it will plug up. You could use a roller but I think it would eventually plug up. The solvent also works great on...