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    Mold in shower

    I think that if there is mold in the clients ' home, they should first call specialists to remove it, and then the cleaning company. In my opinion, only professionals should be engaged in removing mold. Well, you can remove it with hydrogen peroxide or a special detergent and it will give...
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    Need affordable options for swimming pool

    Thank you for sharing your feedback.
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    All this mask crap is just like

    I don't like masks because I can't breathe in them, but I wear a mask in public.
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    Pot Plant Stains Help....

    Hi, I also had these stains on the carpet from flower pots, I gave the carpet to the dry cleaners and they cleaned it. And then a friend gave me a magic rag and a natural remedy for cleaning difficult spots, and I couldn't believe that it worked. Anyway, I have a lot of flowers in my house and I...
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    Diet/Fitness Question

    Great article, thank you, man!
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    FB Does anyone out there play a little poker? How...

    Dude, why did you bump five years old thread? Anyway. I like poker very much and from what I can tell, poker is a thing that allows me to understand myself and the people with whom I gamble. Actually, I was in Las Vegas and played a lot in different casinos. All of them are great since many of...
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    Warning Notice! Scammers Offering Credit Card Numbers To Carpet Cleaning Companies

    You should be more afraid of the banks than the scammers, spend more time learning about them
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    Severely damaged marble on a water fountain

    My friend was just looking for this information. Thanks