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    commercial cleaning services

    Yeah, It's a nice job to clean and sanitize the workplace during the pandemic situation. The presence of viruses and bacteria are common in crowded areas like office and other public places. So to be clean and sanitize your office is one of the great things to avoid the widespread of this types...
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    Looking for tool that attaches to vacuum hose.

    Hey guys I had recently purchased a natural area rug from a nearby store for my living room which I had recently renovated. I changed my whole interior design, and the new rug looks more attractive than the oldest and is fully made up of natural things. Now I'm in search of certain methods to...
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    Is there anyone who has faced a situation like this?

    Yes, last week there was a water leak in my friend's house. He also hired a water restoration service for help
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    What are you charging for carpet stretching?

    I just pay $80 per range for a single patch
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    DIY cleaning or Professional Cleaning Service?

    Hey guys! I own some cleaning tools and plan to clean my store my own. But I don't think I will be able to complete my job DIY. I don't have that many cleaning tools available and not-known much about the cleaning tips. Being a store owner, we have to keep up the store neat and tidy to attract...
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    Commercial cleaning or DIY?

    Yes, Recently my friend has hired this company for cleaning his house