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    Bates Engineering, Big Red

    He's still in business 310-809-6224 Kevin
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    Bates Engineering, Big Red

    What year are the dual wand machines? Perkins 4.108 or Isuzu c240? I'm interested. 619-397-8937
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    Building a truckmount from scratch / what would you have ???

    1. Diesel power (fuel efficient and won't bog under a load) 2. 59 blower or larger 3. Minimum of a 8gpm pump for constant psi with multiple wands
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    What TruckMount do You Own?

    Current machines: 2 Big Reds with 6008 blowers (By far the best I have owned) Previous machines: Prochem Everest EFI Blue Line Thermal wave 2 Steam Action 2 wand 56 blower diesel
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    Blue line Thermal wave II

    We have a 2006 Thermal Wave 2 and have had so many issues with it and it only has 1400hrs!