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  • Hey Steve, It seems at one point I found an article of yours that had some 'carpet business rules' and an 'employee agreement" form employees had to sign. I searched sfs, but was unable to located it. Do you have something like this available? Thanks!
    Hey Steve, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak to me, (and feed me lunch), in Atlanta today. I look forward to attending your SFS class next year, and I look forward to chatting with you here on TMF :)
    Where did you get the uniform shirt you wore on the 4th day of SFS/Portland this August? It was light blue with double pockets (you wore your bow-tie with it)
    Hi Steve, If I bought a cimex from there still a free pass to SFS? I'm ready to build some commercial to prepare for Omaha winters.
    Hi Steve!

    I attended your SFS class in Langhorne last year. Anyways, i wanted to say thank you it was a great class. I wanted to ask you if you have kind of an outline or a flyer you had carpet installers hand out with every new purchase? If not can you give me some recommendations of what I might write on one? Thanks and I hope all is well!
    Hello Steve I am inquiring about the 1$ spotter bottles. Is it really only a dollar with my logo on it and do you have a minimum order? Also what is in the bottle basically?

    P.S. I would love to eventually ( Sooner than later come to a SFS) Anything coming up in the Cen Cal area ?

    Robert Harrington
    Harrington Steam Cleaning
    How are Ya Steve, I have 2 guys signed up for Strategies in New Hampshire, Hope all is well my friend
    Steve I am attending a classs at st pete Florida on 21 22 will I be able to get certified that day, Or can you tell me how to??
    Hi Steve, I did receive the dvd today, thanks. I is playing just fine with no problems at all. BTW as a side thought, you have that Walter Cronkite look going on....:)

    What can you tell me about ECL training programs?

    Who are the other instructors besides yourself?

    What technical topics covered?

    Any connection to Jon-Don or other suppliers and/or manufacturers?


    Take Care.

    Scott Warrington
    My shipping adress is, Steam-Pro Carpet Cleaning
    11 N Orchard St.
    Brookville, OH 45309
    We should be in Jon Don's list we do order from there from time to time, I will gine your stuff a try and give my honest opinion.

    Thanks Steve.
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