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    For SALE Used Sx-12 Tile Spinner in good condition - Best offer

    I'm interested if still available. I'm in Fayetteville.
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    Any opinions on these three Prochem units?

    I think the prochem legend gt is more than capable. Especially on empties, your hose runs won't even be that long. It's a great machine. I use mine in houses and apartments and it's more than enough machine for the job. I have a 370ss too. It's good as well and foot print is small, but I'm very...
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    I would like to practically give some stuff away.

    How much for the prochem quad jet? Any pics? I'm interested. Thanks
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    Tools for sale

    You still have Hydra master
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    Black Widow (Steam Action) Truckmount For Sale

    Is this a dual wand capable machine? I was following the thread when you built it. That thing I'd so cool. I really wish I could buy it. Just set up second truck with legend gt.
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    New TMF Truckmount 99% done!

    I'm ready to see that thing in action!
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    I love my rotovac 360 I .. why would I ever use a wand

    Will the crb and wand combo work on the nasties. I was thinking about getting rotovac 360i with brush head. I guess my issue is I'm worried about not having the cleaning power I need. I'd like to get both, but idk if I want to spend that much.
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    I love my rotovac 360 I .. why would I ever use a wand

    This post is the exact dilemma I've been having. I have one 360i and have been debating getting another 360i or a crb for the my other van.and I really can't decide. I like the 360i and I mostly use it on heavily soiled carpets. I do alot of apartments and the rotovac really saves some bad...
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    Lindhaus Floor Scrubber

    I'm interested too please pm me.
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    So what do you guys do for quality control when you send techs to do apartments. Any good ideas for quality control.
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    Yeah it's definitely taxing on the body. I look at the cleaning almost as a loss leader like in the restaurant business. You make a little money on the cleaning, but like you said the money is in repairs, deodorizer, and water damage.
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    Yeah the pay times can be a hassle, but that's why I always tell people who say doing apartments is not a good idea because of the pay times, that if they don't pay don't go. There are management companies out there that do pay on time and regularly. If they don't give them a warning and charge...