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    To loud.

    Currently running a Universal silencer on 47 blower and always felt it was louder than other similar set ups. Was looking at MER JHS hospital silencer and Stoddard silencer. Then I came upon Cowl silencer design and want some honest feed back. I do a lot of night work and have had more than...
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    Over speed

    Anyone turning the blower over 3600 rpm? Got a couple extra 47 blowers and I don’t really care if they self destruct. They have spent there whole life running off Kohler 27hp @ about 2800-3000rpm because of under gearing. Just bought new 37Hp Kohler and thinking about seeing how they like...
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    Had a good laugh today

    Lady called me and said her carpet is smashed down and flat now after she had it cleaned. She wanted to know if it could have been from carpet cleaner being overweight? I tried my best not to laugh but I couldn’t stop. I told her I am 240 pounds and I have never had that problem or heard of...
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    If you're not color sealing, you're missing out on easy $ and ecstatic customers

    So how in the Hell do you clean it in the future? And I mean actually do a good job with out removing color/paint? You can’t actually sanitize with true steam with out it coming off. I have been tile cleaning for over 15 years now and can only think of a few times where the grout would even...
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    If you're not color sealing, you're missing out on easy $ and ecstatic customers

    I am with you. I feel color sealing is a poor mans way of covering up what they can't or don't know how to remove. Recently did a large job and all the color seal came right off and the dirt they painted over did to. Client had her tile cleaned in November and it was getting worse and worse...
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    Travertine Grout Cleaning with Grout Master???

    I always use a neutral Ph cleaner on Travertine called Kryptonite from Steam Brite. It normally does the trick but got a really high end residential home and they used unusual wide/large grout lines and they are really dirty. It is a polished travertine and grout isn’t sealed (so she says) but...
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    Water residue???

    Efflorescence I think is what you are talking about. This haze I get at the Lexus store could be that or kinda think it is there water because it is from a well. Not sure but a little acid and it looks great.
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    What does this look like?

    That looks like failing color seal and I am seeing it all the time around here. Most comes right off with just hot water and 1600+psi but some of it is a PITA to get off no matter what you do.
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    Tile and Grout cleaning and removing wax

    Been there done that. 20 years of wax build up on one job it was so horrible. Lots of stripper and I think it would be easier to just use a good shop vac because it clogged filters and my 2 inch hose was caked with wax. Don’t even try and use your spinner until all wax is completely gone. It...
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    Water residue???

    I clean a lot of tile and grout and hardly ever have problems but there is one Lexus dealership that always looks like it has a haze. On that job I have to rinse with acid every time or it looks bad.
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    Color sealing instead of cleaning

    What’s up with everyone color sealing over dirty grout? Running into this more and more and it is such a pain in the ass to fix. Today I show up to 4 year old home and customer tells me he had it cleaned 2 months ago and it looked great when they were done but ever time they mop it gets worse...
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    Carpet wands, Tile Spinners, TM, Trucks

    Hydro force T20
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    Carpet wands, Tile Spinners, TM, Trucks

    No water softener for sale. Blower is part of TCS truck mount it’s a 47.
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    Carpet wands, Tile Spinners, TM, Trucks

    Cx12 like new $600, Sx12 like new $500, Sx15 like new $600, Drag wand like new never used $600, Big Boy Titanium wand used $400. Waste Tanks $500, TCS Truckmounts great condition 47 blowers, with diesel burners $7,500. 05 Isuzu NPR box truck diesel great condition $16,500. 03 Ford E 450 box...
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    White couch with old brown moisture staining on it.

    in the mid to late 90's all the striper's here in SA bought white Diane Flack couches they were a bright white and a little different texture but I cleaned a lot of them. Other guys would clean them and they turned a bluish purple and I found that acid would fix them every time.