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  • I seen it for sale on E-Bay and saved the picture..... Kinda my dream car...... Maybe one day......
    They borderline bait and switch or are slowly going under.

    THREE ROOMS $50! Then it's $20 to vac, $50 to move light furniture, $30 to post groom, $30 for pre-spray, etc.

    I'l starting to head more toward commercial. It's "low ball", but, the speed makes it "easy" to make money & there isn't that much competition (compared to residential).
    I'm in Oak Ridge, but, I go where the money is! I have a janitorial company that is expanding into carpet cleaning. Too many folks doing janitorial work for less than my costs - a lot less. I'd be working for under 7.50/hr. Don't know how they do it.
    There is money to be made. Ignore the doom and gloom crowd. The Metro K-town area has over 500,000 homes/businesses. It has a limited number of competent cleaners.

    If you ever get a project too big, drop me a line. I'm always looking for strategic partners - never know when that 50,000 sqft has to be done over the weekend project is coming up. I bid on a 150,000sq ft in 10 days. Didn't get it, but, it would have required a little help and I have my outside sales rep looking for them.
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