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    No wonder new carpet is wearing out so fast...

    They carpet shop it to the lowest bidder and wanted cheap carpet.
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    My prediction for carpet cleaning this year

    That is what the unemployment office told me when I contacted them that I got full time positions available, and that we train, we just look for people who have the will to work. They told me that it is hard to get people to want to work because they make more on the $600 than they would...
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    My prediction for carpet cleaning this year

    Everyone complaining about unemployment. I got a few full time positions available, and 80% of my calls to people to do interviews do not want to work.
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    Any recommendations for some comfortable walking shoes? I wear some steel toe shoes, but my ankles and feet start to bother me towards the end of the day. So looking to see what type of shoes everyone recommends. Thanks!
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    Anyone else not getting paid for their commercial work?

    I do strictly commercial (mostly janitorial), and we usually have NET 30. I only have had one client not pay me, and they owe me about $4,000. For months we been asking for payment, and they give the run around. Then filed for bankruptcy and from what im being told that there is not enough...
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    The Second Virus Shockwave is hitting Chinas Factories already!

    Let those spring breakers be the guinea pigs for not listening. Need to speed up getting a vaccine.
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    I'm Shutting IT Down.......

    We all are mostly going to get COVID-19, the thing is you want to get it later vs now. Due to the # of supplies available, and also people are still testing things out. The later you get it the better because by then healthcare workers will know more what to do than they do now. Quarantine...
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    What chemicals will disinfect for Corona virus?

    There is no chemical that can kill the Coronavirus-19 at the moment. The CDC only has recommended products that is about it.
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    Commercial carpet wand reccomendations

    I talked with a mgr from the mgr of Bonzer they told me it can run it just fine. That they recommend auto fill auto dump because of how much water you will use unless your only working on a small area. I bought mine from TMF and i told them it will be for a portable and told me it would work...
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    I am not surprised carpet cleaners have not said "We will clean your carpets at 3x the rate to help possibly prevent the spread of Coronavirus in your home" I mean a bottle of sanitizer that was $20 is now worth $150 from the same distributor.
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    Eating some extra rips and meat just to make sure if its my last day that I eat good.
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    I now give you the finger....

    Of course @Jim Davisson says he cringe reading that and you want pictures :p
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    Which is your "go to" sprayer?
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    How are you liking it so far?
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    I am in the wrong business!!!

    What is the phone # to this person? I got 10 bananas for sale and will even give a bulk price of 140k a piece. Think about the time your saving by getting 10 bananas all from one person vs 1 from someone else ;) .