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    @Todd the Cleaner is in the hospital.

    I pray for ya. You are one of my heroes.
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    Fuel Injection Cleaner Question

    Top oil filter really ,matters. Can get stick-magnet for filter too. Magnets for old computer hard drive is very effective. Some vehicles come with a magnetic drain plug too.
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    Fuel Injection Cleaner Question

    Took spark plugs out from all my old Lawnboys. They fit perfectly in the top of seafoam and StarBrite 'Star Tron' bottles. Shook them both, bathing eventualy 3 plugs' tips in SF, and 3 in ST. Wish I took pics. The StarTron TROUNCED the Seafoam. Decarbonized waaay better. I run it in all my...
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    Cleaning/decrystallizing prochem 150 burner coil...

    OH! Thought they meant on the outside. Got it. I think mine in not SS. Thanks!!!
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    Cleaning/decrystallizing prochem 150 burner coil...

    I read somewhere that the burner coil can become crystallized to the point that it becomes thermally inefficient/insulated. How would one 'clean' the coil? Is diesel better?? Is there a kero additive? Thanks!!
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    2008 used Chevrolet van 2500 w Cleanco 56 machine

    Dream machine for sure. Change every fluid out ! Amsoil or Penn Platinum. I am jealous!!
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    Cimex trouble

    Took the belt off mine still pops breaker even with head off!? What the....?
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    Leather Couch Cleaning?

    cheap used Von Schrader Aridex with VS leather Lather......
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    Blown head gasket additive?

    Does it run? Blue devil is good, GMC rad tablets too
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    2 oz. per 2 gal i tried GREAT results
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    Pics coming soon

    where you located?
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    How to Price Gutter Cleaning?

    Then rake it up off the ground? Tarps? Thanks!!!