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    My Steamway 2100

    Five years ago, The Kohler motor would bog down and die under load no matter what I tried. It would idle all day long no problem. It may have had a bad cam shaft lobe. Replacement kohler motor is running in the machine now and no more problems or oil leaks.
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    My Steamway 2100

    I had same issue with mine years ago, it turned out to be a worn out motor (10,000 hours) Replaced motor and it’s still a great machine.
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    Anyone using Water softener

    We have very hard water here and I have discovered that regenerating the water softener every 15 hours of cleaning operation works best for us.
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    Water Softener Maintenance

    I recently discovered that running a water softener resin cleaner greatly improved the efficiency of my onboard water softener in the truck. I plan to use this product periodically to keep the softener running in tip top shape.
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    FB Going to look at this tomorrow. Any info on these Steam Way 9100lx. 1460 hours on it I believe has all the parts and technical support you might need to keep things running.
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    Super nasty carpet

    Chemeisters Grease Eraser would clean it up nicely.
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    RX 20 leaking oil.

    The lower seal is a surprisingly easy seal to change with the right pick tool from an auto parts store. Changed mine about two months ago. The upper seal is a little more labor intensive.
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    Running a duel hose more suction?

    Two vac hoses into a two ported devastator filter will most definitely increase your vacuum. Love it! I used a y connector for awhile and thought it was plenty good until I tried out the devastator configuration. I will never go back to a y connector unless I absolutely had to for some reason.
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    White magic

    Might talk to Brian at New England Truckmount, they are knowledgeable about white magic TMs.
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    Please help with El diablo water heater

    Just a thought...could it be you have some water in the fuel? I always add HEET fuel treatment to my heater fuel.
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    Water Softener Maintenance

    Yes, the water here is 50-60 grains of hardness. So a charge does not last as long for me because of that.
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    Water Softener Maintenance

    The orange stuff is the actual resin material that attracts the minerals from the water to make it soft water. It can only hold onto to so much material before it needs to be recharged. The salt water rinses the resin clean so that it can then absorb more minerals. I recharge my softener about...
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    Please Help! White Magic Commander HO

    Glad to offer suggestions for what they're worth