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    Browning upholstery

    Any suggestions on getting brown out of white sofa. We dry vacuumed and cleaned with Cotton shampoo (6.5ph). I was going to just use an acid rinse.
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    Urine stain mold

    Thoughts on how to remove urine stains and mold from previous carpet cleaner?
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    Can I strip and wax this?

    Floor looks great. What stripper did you use? After cleaning, did you seal the grout? last, Did you buff the floor with a rotary and if so, how did you do it?
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    Candle Wax Removal

    What method did you use to clean?
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    Online booking: Pro's and Con's

    yeah. that's one of my fears. I'm worried that booking times will either be too long or not long enough.
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    HouseCall pro tactics

    I've searched out ton of CRM's and got hooked in to HCP. So far i'm in it for the long haul hoping they add components (i.e. better permissions for tech's, dispatchers; time allotments depending on the order item; commission payout). I would love to know the experience (good and bad) you are...
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    Online booking: Pro's and Con's

    Is anyone booking appointments online? Our CRM allows for online booking but we are hesitant to use it.
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    Online Booking: Pros and Cons

    Is anyone booking appointments online? Our CRM allows for online booking but we are hesitant to use it.
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    Portable recommendations

    Looking for recommendations on a portable for commercial carpet cleaning and possibly tile/grout when the truck mount can’t be used. Should I get: -high PSI, low temp? Or -400-500 psi with high temp? -should it include an APO? -what is best method to clean? -chemicals to use? -one man or two...
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    Should I

    $300?!?! How does that work?
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    Should I

    Sure. Just tell them it will be cleaned but will look slightly better. Then charge them full rate.
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    truck mount mechanic: preferably Katy, tx

    Looking for a back up mechanic in the katy, tx area. Running chem-tex.
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    Swollen wood

    Thanks for the advice. We are doing both methods. Using tape and towels.
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    up-selling items and techniques

    The standard: carpet, T&G, upholstery, protectant, odor. We do a great job upselling odor/urine but I would like more insight upselling protectant.
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    Cleaning 6x24 tile and grout

    Has anyone been having problems cleaning grout lines with 6x24 tile installs? I usually use a grout brush but feeling it’s not thin enough.