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    Need to make this portable better

    You think with upgraded motors its relistic to get 50 feet hose runs with it?
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    Need to make this portable better

    Right on thanks guys for the replys , I got this little machine pretty cheap so I can afford to upgrade motors and put a 500 psi pump in it as well
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    Need to make this portable better

    Right on, do you know of a good motor to replace it with? Also could I get better suction if I ran those motors in series together ? I think I have enough room to change it up a bit .
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    Need to make this portable better

    Hi all, I just got an older mytee 1000 dx . One of the vac motors is going bad. I'd like to know what i should replace it with . Also should I run the hoses differenty ? In series or Parrel ?ill post a pic comments are greatly appreciated . GOD bless and thank you
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    lifan engines?????????????

    Hey chris what's a older prochem blazer worth with 2000 hrs it has a new 23 hp Briggs on it it needs refurbished tho
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    lifan engines?????????????

    need a cheap replacement ,lifan yea or nea???????are they really the same as a honda?quality?
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    Lifan motor & Tuthill blower

    you can get a 16 hp lifan motor on ebay for 340.00 so even if it last like 900 hrs you could by another and still be way below other brands.i say go for it
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    could you use a 50 gallon metal drum for a waste tank?

    you tried it jeff? using a small 13hp honda and a 33 blower
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    #3 blower

    can any #3 blower be used the way the amtex prowler does?in other words can you run water through all of them?or is it just the t series?
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    could you use a 50 gallon metal drum for a waste tank?

    so i tore down my peice of junk 15 hp stallion chem tex.frame is all wrong,everything is hard to get too.the water pump takes at least an hr to pull building a new frame and im going to make everything alot more easy to get to.i dont have my original waste tank could i use a 50 gallon...
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    little giant heater

    a few questions about the little gian they clean at 200 degrees?are they dependable?
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    Here is something interesting about Amtex Machine's quality

    I can say everytime ive talked to ben he is one of the nicest guys around.he even called me back on a sunday.I bought a 15 hp stallion from chemtex and that was the worst decision i have ever made.I tried to order parts and never got them.I called and some girl hung up the phone 2 times on...
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    seems like a decent post to go look at one tomarrow at interlink.ill post back
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    looking for prochem blazer plus

    need a prochem blazer plus.please let me know.
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    floor machine

    i have a clark .5 horse power. it is a 13" are they pretty good machines?