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    Steam Cleaning vs Submersion Process Side by Side

    Was the rug that was cleaned by the truckmount pre vacuumed and pretreated? Doesn't look like it.
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    White chair skirt browned

    Rob will this work on a chair that has rayon and linen in the fabric?
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    Chair Cleaning Help

    Cleaned 2 chairs with Prochem fine fabric shampoo, followed by hot water extraction. The chairs are Bernhardt with a fiber content I believe to be 65% Rayon, 20 Poly and15 linen. This is the fabric itself. Customer sent these pictures. Seems to be water marking and some dark areas. Went back...
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    Boss Optima Wisdom (Eliminating Redo's)

    I called him on the number he posted.
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    Boss Optima Wisdom (Eliminating Redo's)

    Spoke with Mike last week and I received full payment today!
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    Boss Optima Wisdom (Be A Grapple)

    If they ever pay me, which I doubt, all future work will be pay before we commence services!
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    Boss Optima Wisdom (Be A Grapple)

    Still waiting for them to return my call.
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    Boss Optima Wisdom (Be A Grapple)

    Called and left message for a job that I did and had not been payed for back in January. Lets see if they get back to me.
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    Please PRAY for our country!

    If your your going to blame the President then your going to have to throw the democrates and the media in there also. I do agree something has to be done about the assault rifles. Either ban them, our come up with some serious back ground checks and screenings!
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    Prochem Legend Oil Leak List

    I have had 3 truckmounts with kohler motors. 2 of them are legends. They all haved leaked. My first was a chemspec 310. It caught fire. I was able to quickly put it out. My XL started leaking around 2000 hours and has around 8000 hrs. My GT started leaking around 2000 hrs. It has around 3400...