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  • Hey Mark better watch out LOL.

    Just messing with you ...... I'm still waiting on a color sealing job to learn some of your knowledge
    My daughter is now ready to have her carpets cleaned in Weeki Wachee. Do you have a truckmount? She really wants to use someone with a truck like mine, but I don't know anyone in the area with one. If you have a trckmount I will have her call you. Talk to you soon.
    Hi Mark!
    I posted a thread I called Funny and Cool Trucks. H E L P !!! I Need help posting a picture. I had to post the address. How do I post the actual picture? The effect would be so much better.
    My daughter is going to need her carperts cleaned in Weeki Wachee in the spring. I'll give her your info and she'll call you when she's ready. It's a little far for me to travel.

    BTW my daughter used a company that has an Aero-Tech TM (Source 1?) to clean her late father-in-law's house in Spring Hill so they could sell it. I saw it the day after it was cleaned (carpets & Tile & Grout). Sorry to say...They should have bought a Vortex.

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