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    truck mount carpet cleaning machine For Parts Only

    Don't you think the price is a little bit expensive? I mean, I know that this cleaning machine is not exactly cheap, and the products look in good shape, but I don't know...
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    Which Scrubbing Tool for Bathtub, shower, and some tile?

    I don't know man. I actually think that drill could get the job done in a more efficient manner than the impact driver.
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    How do you keep your employees motivated?

    This is a really interesting approach. I think that the key in this point is to make them feel good and positive, considering the difficult situation they are living with the COVID pandemic.
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    How do you keep your employees motivated?

    Treat them kindly and always tell them the truth about the current situation. Oh, and always be positive. They need to feel how important they really are.
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    Unique business situation, how much should I ask to sell?

    I'm really sorry for your depression. Hope you could fulfill each of your projects in the best way possible my friend. I know you can!
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    List your most effective advertising

    LOL You are 100% right. Word of mouth is the most efficient product for almost everything!
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    Had a good laugh today

    I think you did the good thing in this case. After all, we can all agree you explained absolutely everything to her.
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    Easy question - probably

    Unfortunately, having an extractor and using it properly will not always do the trick.
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    Complete Turnkey Business- Hydramaster Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning van

    The van looks amazing! While many would say the price is a little bit high, I think it’s actually pretty cheap.