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    Protector dry times

    Looking for average dry times once protector has been applied after cleaning and better ways to apply. Adding a water based protector puts alot of moisture back onto the carpet after cleaning, want to avoid solvents. I don't normally offer protector but want to start and looking for some...
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    HYDROFORCE hardwood cleaning with preservative finish

    How do most customers handle the 24hr period after cleaning and applying finish? Is it a hard 24hrs or do you find most are replacing furniture that night with sliders if you make it a first job of the day and are done by 12? I would love to offer this service, even dry compound for cleaning...
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    Topical Treatment - What is the best value to offer

    Hi Everybody, cannot thank everyone enough for all the advice and guidance that is offered here. I am looking at setting up a pet package that involves pet hair+dander removal, topical treatment for urine (mainly marketed for urine + lipids, minor/microscopic fecal matter tracked in on fur/hair...