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    High school with someone famous?

    Two guys from school played pro football. One started a band that had a #1 song shortly after we graduated (Amazing Rhythm Aces). He was famous for a couple of months. Have done work for many celebs, especially country music folks and a couple of well known college football coaches,
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    Need help on finding the right carpet cleaning solution for my business

    Best prespray depends upon the situation. Different types of carpet, different types of soil, even different equipment. You can see some instruction videos that will help in the training section of or stop by your nearest Interlink Supply location and discuss the type of...
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    I won a Contest ! Just received my Prize in the Mail !

    For all of you who love Aloha's brushes, but did not get one free -
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    The CRI gives gold ratings to Sapphire 370 and 570, but a Platinum to Rug Dr?

    The CRI has updated their rating system twice in recent years. Once they made it more difficult to pass the soil removal part of the system. So, a machine they may have qualified for platinum before would maybe only make gold or silver now. Problem is, they did not plan in advance to ever change...
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    Chemicals froze overnight.

    As a rule of thumb, detergents mix back pretty well after separating if everything is thawed when you mix them back together. Surfactants help the mixing. Polymers such as protectors and encapsulation chems won't mix after freezing. Those are just generalizations. Always are exceptions.
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    Mysterious step discoloration

    You are older than you look, Rob. Early 1900'2 when you were kid would put you over 100 now.
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    Water leak under a house and insurance..

    Many insurance companies won't pay to dry dirt. Be sure line items show work done to the physical structure and especially wood.
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    Mysterious step discoloration

    Each discoloration is on the bull nose / high traffic area. I would look for something on the bottom of shoes coming off. Maybe colored soles.
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    Looking to buy some new toys

    If you do much commercial work, consider the CX-15. For VLM, agitation, rug cleaning and many other things, you need a BRush Pro.
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    Hardwood floor scratches, would Basic Coatings work??

    There are various products to fill scratches. Crayon type sticks or pastes that get mixed and applied like oil paint. Some can be color matched. Last step is a matte finish.
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    Admin or Moderator - Please help

    The last week I seem to have been logged in under a different Scott Warrington profile. This one only has a few dozen posts instead of thousands. TMF just coems up automiatically when I turn on my computer. I don't know how to log out of this profile and get my other one back. I never had to...
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    Black marks along carpet baseboard

    Higher density is not actually les prone to staining but it hides the stains better. I would not be concerned about a specific number as much as choosing the higher density version of wahtever you like. First buy carpet you like the color, style and so forth. Most manufacturers will have 3 or...
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    CX 15 TMF Group Buy

    After talking with an engineer, I need to correct information in the post above. Due top the angle of impact with the carpet, the residnetial abr will spin faster than the commercial bar under same water pressure and flow. If the residential bar is used above 500 PSI, it will spin too fast. The...
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    Black marks along carpet baseboard

    Higher density is better for the life of the carpet and for hiding stains. Higher density will also add to the cost. It means more yarn is used to make the carpet. The number of sticthes or tufts inserted per inch in the length (stitch rate) multiplied by the number opf stitches per inch in the...
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    Chemical Lifespanes?

    Defining shelkf life can be tricky. Products will gradually lose some effectiveness. The product does not just pass a certain age and then go bad. It is a gradual decline. To illustrate (not exact numbers), after 2 years a producty may have 85% of its original strength. IS that enough to do the...