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    How many of you use Acid for grout on most jobs?

    I do not suggest acid for all grout. Just for bathrooms with urine deposits, soap scum or where there are hard water deposits. A few rare jobs where stains are really bad. A quality alkaline cleaner is all that is needed for most jobs.
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    UV light before and after??

    Rob got this one. The residue of urine is what glows, Polyester, triexta and olefin don't absorb much moisture. So there will be some urienb on the surface but a lot of the urien rolls down the fiber to the base of the carpet. Cleaning removes most of what is on the surface. If the pet has been...
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    To seal or not to seal

    You can do the grout lines by hand. I have used this method for smaller jobs. Another option that saves time is to use a moss rubber squeegee to spread the sealer. Try to get most of it in the grout lines. What is on the tile itself can usually be buffed off with-in 5 or 10 minutes. Don't wait...
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    To seal or not to seal

    Cement based grout is very porous. That makes it easy to stain. In wet areas, water can penetrate grout and gradually get through walls. I think grout should be sealed, especially in wet areas or where stains are likely. Sealed grout won't stay clean but will respond better to cleaning. Think...
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    Non sticky color seal?

    Any good color seal done properly should not get sticky. I have had success with Color Seal Pro from Steve Alleric and also with Grout Perfect. Both can be found on-line.
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    help fellows, after being a one man show for 13 years

    After 13 years, it should be plain if the business is growing the way you want it to. Do you want to stay a one man operation? Are you doing well financially? If things are not headed where you want, start with a business plan. Where do you want to be in 10 years? What are the steps to get...
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    Scotch guard furniture

    If you know the fabric, you can choose a protector that works best for that fabric. Solvent for those that might shrink or pucker. Advanced with Teflon is excellent for the fibers that are most sensitive to hair and body oils such as olefin. I like the 1/2 gallon size sprayers that can provide...
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    Feel Blessed

    Busier now that when I was working full-time. I am very active in a volunteer ministry program and also working with disaster relief projects following storms.
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    Feel Blessed

    A feeling of gratitude goes a long way to maintain or improve both mental and physical well-being. I have much to be grateful for. I suspect almost all who post here have a lot to be thankful for. Take a few minutes each day to ponder over what you and grateful for and to thank those from whom...
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    Scott Warrington's Retirement

    I will still try to drop in every now and then. Mostly on Tuesday mornings or Sunday afternoons.
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    Hydro force

    It would be simple to use the 1:8 dilution ration instructions printed on the label. No need to make any additional calculations. Probably would get more even coverage as well. If you really want 1:4, the key is to understand that what comes out of the sprayer is 4 parts water plus 1 part of...
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    1st truck mount advice

    Be careful. In most areas, a propane canister cannot be legally carried in the passenger area of the vehicle. All the interior of a van is considered the passenger area. For safety reasons, it must be carried in the bed of a pick-up, trunk of a car or outside of a van.
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    Best Red Remover

    RedZone Ready is a reducer. It is for removing synthetic or man-made dye stains. The key is it removes dyes, like food coloring. When there is material, texture present, you need something for that specific material such as wax or fingernail polish. I have to leave now, but more in a few days...
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    Any luck removing residue on a carpet left by a mat.........

    You may have some partial success with some fibers. You can part of it off with higher pH cleaner, heat and agitation. Best response from solution dyed nylon. YOu won't get it all out. You may have no improvement at all for most of the polyester, olefin, triexta fibers. The issues is called...