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    Why Tools Matter...

    I have always loved what a CX-15 can do to thoroughly flush out a carpet.
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    Customers dog got Skunked, then rubbed it on carpet!!!!!!!

    Different solutions for different surfaces. Usually oxidizers for cleaning and a "...cide" such as Hydrocide for deodorization. Send an email to customer service at Interlink Supply for a copy of my article with all the info.
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    Water fall cleaning

    If the surface being cleaned is ceramic tile, I would turn off the water; clean with an acid side tile cleaner such as Viper Renew; apply a disinfectant such as Benefect; let everything dry before turning back on. Here is one that was done inside a dentist office. This was slate tile.
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    Fab set

    If using a truckmount, use 1 quart of Fab-Set to a 5 gallon head pack. Meter at about 3 gallons per hour. The metering can be adjusted if you have very soft or very hard water. Folks who use Fab-Set usually love it for the fact that there are no detergents of any kind so no residues. If you...
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    How Far Are You Willing To Travel?

    Our company normally traveled about 25 miles, necessary in a rural area. Over 38 years, there were rare instances where we traveled much further, a few times over 300 miles. We had minimum charge that varied with the distance. Two or three times per year, we traveled 60 to 90 miles for regular...
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    Quick question about mildew smell

    When the low bidder fails to get the job done, they may be calling you.
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    Quick question about mildew smell

    If there is an odor then there is moisture present. Ventilation (or perhaps an air filtration device) to remove existing odor molecules in the air along with steps to dry out the source of the odor will be needed along with the cleaning. Encap cleaning should work fine for the appearance of the...
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    Seattle area carpet cleaner

    I will pass along your contact information. Thanks.
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    Seattle area carpet cleaner

    I am looking for a carpet cleaner(s) to recommend to a disabled lady living in the Seattle area (zip code 98125). I understand she has two cats. Likely urine issues although she says she has inspected carpets with a black light and amber goggles and only found hairballs. She is a fan of enzyme...
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    New bonnets

    Total for the 3 boxes of pads is $244. Shipping would be about $30 depending on your zip code.
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    New bonnets

    I did not see a Facebook message. You can email me or a PM here on TMF
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    Recommendations of good companies to get on their approved vendor list

    Guardsman is a fair to good company for upholstery work. I don't completely trust any of the carpet middle man companies or as Rick calls them "MMM" or 'Maintenance Middleman Mafia."
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    Tony Dang had a stroke over the weekend

    Hoping Tony has a full recovery. He made some good products.
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    New bonnets

    These are from John at Bonnet Pro. I know some are Iron Man. I think they all are, but have not opened every box to be sure.
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    New bonnets