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  • Hi scott does interlink carry the brushes that go under the tile spinner wand ...any certain kind or all kinds..Thanks
    Welcome back Scott,

    I have a question about the Cleanfree I've been using as a prespray. I checked back on a coupel of carpets that I cleaned and they still lokked very nice but felt stiff or crunchy. I had rinsed with plain hot water and the watere around here is pretty soft. Is this normal with Cleanfree or do i need to mix it less strong?

    Did you ever hear back from the chemist regarding my Trust question?

    Hi Scott
    could I get a copy of the basics of leather cleaning.

    Kevin Berry
    88 Via Las Flores
    Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
    Hi Scott; BTW - My manual on pet odor deodorization is still available for anyone that wants a copy. I just need your email and I will send you a copy to print out.

    I am interested in your manual. [email protected]

    Scott...I found your posts regarding the chemical startup packages and thought that was an incredible offer. Is this offer only for people purchasing portables or would I be eligible if I purchased a new TM? I am in Meridian, ID...83642.
    Hi Scott,

    I have a customer who has damaged her marble floor by using a kitchen cleaning product on it. She has a few dull spots is it possible to restore this? I thought I saw something on this site were a few pads had been used to re-shine the floor. Do you have any advice on this? if so it would be very much appreciated.

    Kleenright UK
    Hi Scott,

    Sorry we missed you at the end of the webinar last night. I tried to get you on the mic so you could say a few things about ILS and promote it a little. When we tried to get you, you were gone. Hope all is well with you.

    I want to give boost all a fair shake. I use fiber plus(which is rarely advertised) for my cleaning. How will it affect and effect my cleans. We try to stay as neutral as possible and only go higher when needed.

    thanks as always.
    Scott. I have a technical question with two products. I am currently using Powderded Formula 90 for my extraction surfactant but I have been told that this product is out of date for my Powerclean Genesis 59 running dual RX's. I have been told Heat Wave and High Heat are much better. Do you have a opinion concerning these products. Which is better while running 230 to 250 heat? Thanks,

    I did not get a chance to read the post until this AM. Posted a reply. Call me if you have further questions.

    800 794-7425 wxt 136.
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