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  • Hey Scott, I've seen on a couple threads you saying you had pet urine removal manuals? I'm new to the business and interested in as much information I can get my hands on.

    Scott, Can you call me at your convenience, (920) 604-3773. I have a question about the Spinergy/Monkey Pads and process. Thanks

    Randy Grygiel/NEW Solid Surface Cleaning
    Hi Scott, I am starting with Carpet Cleaning and Tile and floor care currently. I see many of your posts on supplies and knowledge of the business. Is there any information that you can send me like products to purchase to start up and any documents that a newbie may need. I am currently waiting on the finalization of my equipment. Thank, Josh L
    Hi Scott - I would love to talk with sometime about various marketing and industry ideas I have. if you get a chance, I can be reached at 630-444-2000 . I not sure of your number or I would have called you... Steve
    Scott you seem very respected on this site. Any help with built up salt on carpet after a tough winter here in ohio. Looking to disolve salt if possible!
    Hi Scott
    I just bought a Hydro force spinner to clean hard surfaces from a interlink supply store. Im just getting into this line of service. Do you guys off er anything like chemicals or information free?
    Hey Scott,
    I have to do a CGC clean in a Dr's office and I have all the Bridgepoint presprays and rinses. Which do I use for this job? I have a Judson TNT TM with a wand.
    Hi Scott..Will Interlink be running any deals on the new SS upholstery wand...or any 'Good Guy' deals for Forum members?
    Scott, can you pls contact me at my personal email ([email protected]) or call me at 732 688 6515 I have an issue with interlink supply about a order that I place with Kim Stain. Thanks for your assistance> Nestor
    Hello Scott. I wanted to send you an email regarding the Farming report but i didnt know your email. Im new in this forum. Any free reports would be of much help. Thank You. [email protected]
    Scott - I see that Encapsuclean DS can be used as a HWE rinse. This seems to be an optimal use for commercial GDC. Your thoughts pro and con??
    Hi Scott, I would appreciate it if you could email the stone cleaning manual. My email is [email protected] I buy from the Interlink in Tampa. I am very impressed with Greg and the guys there. I am looking forward to attending some of the classes Interlink offers. Thank you, Roger.
    Hey Scott a few days ago I cleaned a rather new carpet (light tan to off white in color) I used my typical resi prespray (zone perfect low voc mixed with a little citrusolve) and when I was finished i noticed yellowing spots that actually looked like parts of the whole room where yellow it had bad light in areas so not sure how much it showed up when dried but I havent gotten any complaints yet but just wondering how likely it is that the two chems together would do this. Also I rinsed with straight water and I believe the lady had a shampooer/ cleaner that she used often , also small dogs urine could either of these contribute to the yellowing Thanks Scott
    hey scott, thank you so much for the urine clean up info you sent me it looks pretty interesting i be reading this in the next few days...
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