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Mar 24, 2017 at 10:10 AM
Feb 14, 2006
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Apr 29, 1952 (Age: 64)
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West Jordan, UT
Technical support Bridgepoint

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Scott W

Preferred Vendor, 64, from West Jordan, UT

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Mar 24, 2017 at 10:10 AM
    1. robert boyer
      robert boyer
      I have light brown streaks after cleaning wool carpet. How do I fix. I already tried citric acid did not work
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      1. Scott W
        Scott W
        This limits responses to short messages. I will send longer response via message.
        Jan 16, 2017
    2. C lawson
      C lawson
      Thank you Scott for your contribution. Like i stated i need an extractor that can take about 50 to 75ft hose and still maintaining good psi. I went to the interlink location and i was told the The HydroForce Olympus 1200 will be best. i want to know from you which one will work best with my needs; The HydroForce Olympus 1200 and Nautilus 1200psi - two 3-stage vacuums. Thank you.
      1. Scott W
        Scott W
        Sending longer response via conversation.
        Dec 29, 2016
    3. William Brend
      William Brend
      Hi Scott, You mentioned in a thread that you worked cleaning for Universities. I have an opportunity to bid for on here in Alabama is it possible I could talk to you about the best method? Thank you! 813-474-6183 - Call me please (not sure your number)
    4. PortyStarr
      Hey Scott! You mentioned that you would be willing to shoot a newbie some chemicals to try in. A thread I was reading. Is that a newbie open offer? Is there an email address I could send my info to?
      1. Scott W
        Scott W
        This offer is for anyone who has purchased their first portable or first truckmount and been in business less than a year. If this fits you, send an email to Let them know what equipment you purchased, where and when you bought it, your mailing address and contact information. Ask for CR100 samples.
        Mar 22, 2016
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      2. PortyStarr
        Great! I just got my first ever extractor in the mail Monday from Rotovac.
        Mar 23, 2016
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      3. PortyStarr
        Hey Scott, I emailed that address with my info and called and spoke with Teena in your shop but still no word on this. Any updates? :)
        Mar 31, 2016
    5. Bobby Brewer
      Bobby Brewer
    6. SWAGMAN
      Hello scott , can you tell me do you work for bridge point ?
    7. RAW Prespray
      RAW Prespray
      Scott, I'm curious if you know why most rinse solution labels say to mix 1 oz of rinse per gallon of water for portables, but far less for TM's at 32 oz per 5 gallon solution tank? The 1 oz per gallon is a higher concentrate when compared to the TM mix instructions. Any insight?
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    8. TonyB_007
      Hi Scott, I'm looking at incorporating Encapuclean DS, but I cannot find any info that addresses the application rate..?? I've got the dilution, 4oz or 8oz per gallon.. but nothing about how far I should expect that gallon to go. I've heard anywhere from 300sqft to 3000!
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    9. Kleaners Supply and Service
      Kleaners Supply and Service
      Kleaners Supply and Service
      IICRC Water Damage and Restoration Class WRT
      November 7th-9th 2014, 8:30 start time Friday-Sunday
      Kleaners Supply and Service Facility
      10600 Maumelle Boulevard, North little Rock, AR 72118 (501)765-5492
      Price for the Class is $350.00 Each Person, seating is limited,
      Lunch Will be provided all three days.
      Contact Will at 501-765-5492 to sign up for the class and any other questions.
    10. Thor cleaning
      Thor cleaning
      Hey Scott I have a clean at a retirement home with bad feces stains and wanted to know what product to use from my local interlink store???
    11. randyg6224
      Scott, I just had a customer send me a picture of their couch that their child broke open a glow stick and spotted the cushions. It is greenish in color. Any ideas how to approach this? She says it is one of those sticks you take camping and break and they glow. I'm going to pick up the cushion tomorrow and work on it. Please advise. Thanks

      Randy Grygiel
      NEW Solid Surface Cleaning
    12. Jmb1596
      Hey Scott, I've seen on a couple threads you saying you had pet urine removal manuals? I'm new to the business and interested in as much information I can get my hands on.

      1. Scott W
        Scott W
        I will be glad to send you a copy of my manual. Send me an email and ask for the manual. Then I will attached it to the reply.

        BTW - There will be an updated version out in early October.
        Sep 15, 2014
    13. randyg6224
      Scott, Can you call me at your convenience, (920) 604-3773. I have a question about the Spinergy/Monkey Pads and process. Thanks

      Randy Grygiel/NEW Solid Surface Cleaning
    14. joshlopez1
      Hi Scott, I am starting with Carpet Cleaning and Tile and floor care currently. I see many of your posts on supplies and knowledge of the business. Is there any information that you can send me like products to purchase to start up and any documents that a newbie may need. I am currently waiting on the finalization of my equipment. Thank, Josh L
      1. Scott W
        Scott W
        Hi Joseph. I am always glad to help. Actually I have over 400 articles and training guides that I give away for free. Enough that would overwhelm you.
        This limits message size. I wills end more through conversation.
        Aug 7, 2014
    15. Seaside
      Can you please send me a manual on natural stone care?
    16. Green Steam Carpet Cleaning
      Green Steam Carpet Cleaning
      Hello Scott,
      I just wanted to say thank you for sending me the wood flooring videos. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that.
      Thanks again!
      Scott W likes this.
    17. fittlebug
      Hi Scott - I would love to talk with sometime about various marketing and industry ideas I have. if you get a chance, I can be reached at 630-444-2000 . I not sure of your number or I would have called you... Steve
    18. bluestreak44
      Scott you seem very respected on this site. Any help with built up salt on carpet after a tough winter here in ohio. Looking to disolve salt if possible!
    19. sbsscn
      Hi Scott
      I just bought a Hydro force spinner to clean hard surfaces from a interlink supply store. Im just getting into this line of service. Do you guys off er anything like chemicals or information free?
    20. Tropical Guy
      Tropical Guy
      Hey Scott,
      I have to do a CGC clean in a Dr's office and I have all the Bridgepoint presprays and rinses. Which do I use for this job? I have a Judson TNT TM with a wand.
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    Apr 29, 1952 (Age: 64)
    Home Page:
    West Jordan, UT
    Technical support Bridgepoint


    Scott Warrington
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