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    New site Format

    Personally, I really liked the previous version
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    Anyone ever heard of..

    I noticed both sell coof cuffs, are they the same seller or associate?
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    Anyone ever heard of..

    First of all I want to say that I LOVE Rob & truckmount forums, But Its been difficult finding some hose cuffs that are not popular anymore and therefore I have had to look for them. Cool cuffs and it seems Wanders product? and some other place called real cleaner? both places sell them...
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    I thought You meant Hooker headers
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    Anyone have any luck on correcting browning on a rayon rug?

    Its best to leave it alone. The baking soda is what messed it up. With such a high PH and the dwell time. Having turned it upside would have helped or folding it also could have work ( but place a piece of plastic to prevent wetting on the dry part of the rug. You could try again but with a...
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    Just bought a Sebo Duo

    I have some of these and an actual CRB. These little agitators are great! They work really good for their size. They really are not designed for scrubbing pre sprays. Update the steel screws that hold the covers down with stainless steel. also have spare belts and bearings. These small...
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    Von Schrader upholstery machine thoughts

    Only thing I can think as a negative is that I Wish they made the groomer/power brush with horse hair. Other than that, That machine will pay for itself very quickly, because there is no fuel costs. of course every cleaning method has a place and not all furniture can be cleaned with just using...
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    Preferred tool for scrubbing tile and grout

    Not sure if this would be a good suggestion, but I also own and use (once in a while) a brush called a Grout gator tile and grout brush. Works well on certain situations light to medium. Has multiple brushes that can be adjusted in width so you can agitate multiple grout line at a time instead...
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    Official Hydramaster Truckmount review thread

    The X Drive is truly a engineering Wonder. This thing will compete and smoke the competition without any trouble. Id like to get one for my next machine Low fuel consumption, super hot and tremendous Torque that you just cannot get from a slide in. This thing has its own cooler and also serves...
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    Official Hydramaster Truckmount review thread

    That machine is FrEaKiNg Awesome!! I respect this Electric TM
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    Von Schrader upholstery machine thoughts

    That Machine for upholstery is AWESOME!!!! Can use a shampoo or Encap product. It creates a foam and the power brush grooms it in the lather then extract. It it soooo worth it, even though its expensive. Do a search of a good condition used one I do wish other manufactures would compete...
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    Had job cancel because I wasn't TM

    Never heard of that type of heater, but I have heard of a redrock portable heater, is that the one?
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    Valves, Check Valves

    Or if you need strainer,check ball, spring eBay item number: 253392622011
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    Valves, Check Valves

    Ebay sells them eBay item number: 222893632984