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    Are you vaccinated?

    I cover up and protect myself with ppe. Only 2 people have not wanted to hire me for not responding to the are you vax question. no harm done
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    I bought a valve from a place called wanders products. they sell a valve that seems to be well built
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    Help with browning and treatment.

    check the backing, if its a jute backing then there's your problem. On wool its going to be permanent
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    Help with browning and treatment.

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    CLO2 ?

    Hose down with bleach!!!?!?! WHY??? Why not suggest sealing the subfloor with CTI/Pros choice Odor barrier, Stuff works!
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    Yah, this is a good idea!

    I think thats just bologna I havent seen this in works. not that it isnt real, just I havent heard of it
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    Rob could make a killing...

    Install a p trap that should stop odors from coming up
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    Post Construction Hotel Rooms Qoute Need Help! Advice

    besides the information given by corey Consider this also. Do not ever think that by you charging less (overbidding) that you will win that customer for life, I personally believe that you should charge a fair price rather than what you need to survive. Because a lot of folks do not...
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    Green Label Cheap Poly Amazing

    Im waiting for my jug to arrive to try it, I am excited and just cant wait for my delivery to arrive
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    looks like dry passes werent done or a vacuum leak on the glide?
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    how would you respond?

    DO NOT REPLY its a fraud and when you reply more spam comes back and they can track your address and phone number and send mail or spam calls, like you need any of that
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    portable for upholstery

    20-30 minutes to clean a sofa??? Wow, Are you pre vacuuming pre spraying scrubbing and thoroughly rinsing? or are you just running a shampoo/cleaning solution I could never be able to thoroughly clean a sofa in 20 or 30 minutes, not even with a truckmount. can you post a video? I'd love to...
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    Who Are Your Favorite Chemical/Tool Suppliers?

    93% of my supplies come from
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    Air fuel mixture

    if you can, use a gas analyzer. Its really the best way to go.
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    How much furniture do you move?

    I agree (partial). I will however move a waste basket, office chair or Ottoman (pending size) but I hardly ever move furniture unless its family or elderly. I hate taking liability. I dont think my insurance would cover it since I am not a Mover.