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    Velvet sofa issue

    What type of fiber?
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    It's here

    Cool on the bot cleaners, But humans will never get fully replaced.
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    "Proper" way to clean carpets

    WOW And to think that ther'b no way a vacuum would ever be able to do that and plus some more
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    Forced time off, Wish me luck

    May the Lord bless you, guide the doctors. May his peace, joy and righteousness be with you.
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    Soap Free

    no Fabset acid rinse?
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    CLO2 ?

    I agree with Mama. Stuff does work but use (heavy) caution. use a timer and vent when done. NO one (organism you want alive) should be in the treated area. Craig Jasper promotes this stuff like crazy, but it works. Some people actually mix a diluted version and drink it. Why!!!! cause they...
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    Soap Free

    would clean free be used to remove "crunchy" carpet residue ? If not what would you recommend?
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    Van totaled....what about payment for decals and removing equipment?

    HECK NO!! that van still looks good. Fight it dont let them pull one over you. they should repair it or compensate you for a commercial vehicle not a residental
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    Rotovac sheardry upholstery tool $250

    Rotovac shear dry is really, Really, REALLY good mine works forwards, and backwards. cleaning pipping has never been so easy for me using this tool. Marvelous!
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    FB Love my Rotovac

    Rotovac Awesome products!!
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    New Rotovac clear hand tool reviews

    I finally can say after owning one of these clear shear dry tools, Its AWESOME!!! very impressed and man is it fast!. leave behind hardly any water. and flushes fabric really, really good!
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    Rotovac issues

    I know this is old. I just wanted to comment in. The reason this is happening is ...Speed Slow down the rpm (on 360i) when near thresholds, or any other hard surface. I broke 2 motors within 6 months. I had to learn the hard way. But after my last replace about 4 years ago, I have not had any...
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    Blood spots all over the carpet from a dog that had bladder cancer

    what type of fiber? natural? synthetic if so which one? Very important before mixing stuff
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    Van totaled....what about payment for decals and removing equipment?

    Dont agree to anything ! I hope you have the van and not them. Id remove as much as possible from the van and even go as far as removing the truckmount myself. if worst goes keep your equipment and total the van. You own the machine and van, they should compensate for the total of everything...
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    So, SO true! Thats why I also appreciate and love my wife. She met me and has loved me when I was a no one, Still am but now with a beautiful wife and loving children. Some women just want to pick the fruit, but not have to labor the work, kind of like the little hen, no one had time to turn...