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    Drug testing and background checks.

    Maybe you will call me insane, but I have people in my office who had a problem with drugs in the past, and some of them are smoking weed and eating mushrooms after hours. They don't hide it from me, because I don't give a s**t as long as they do their job well. But once I had problems with one...
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    FB Best way to get marijuana smell out of an apartment? I only have carpet cleaning equipment (no air

    The best way to get rid of this smell is not to smoke marijuana at all, lol. Use high quality CBD gummies or other stuff like that. It doesn't smell. More serious - try to use vinegar for your carpet. Yes, it smells terrible, but vinegar is the best way to deal with any smell. I used it several...
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    Importance of BackLinks in website SEO? is it realy important?

    Too bad nobody answered this question. I have a same one.
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    Show off your field protection!!!

    Nice gun you got there, man. I like it! Thinking about buying something like that soon. On the other hand, I'm not quite sure about it, because I have a hunting rifle. Not so long ago I even bought a new scope for it. One of my friends showed me a review of long range scopes...