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  • I read where you had mentioned an attachment with leather bands for the Certified Pile Brush. You had said you used it to beat/dust rugs. Where might I'd be able to purchase one? Thanks
    Hi Ed, I am not sure what you are referring to. I have dealt with several ways of dusting rugs. Do you have a reference to a post? Sorry, just not sure of what you are referring to.
    Thanks Steve.
    Where do you get them? I understand the pigment thing. I do a lot of corrective work now.
    I saw your post some time ago on corrective work. I like how they are used. Applied on the carpet, and the fact that you can cover a darkish spot.
    A few videos to share. Hopefully you will enjoy the learning process of these. If you have questions, or comments or need help, feel free to contact me.

    Fun Video showing use of CRB, CIMEX and SD all together.

    Here is Specialty Upholstery Cleaning out takes:


    Hope these help with understanding of some cleaning processes.

    If you would like any help at all with anything that I post, or if you need answers to questions these may raise, please feel free to PM me and I will be glad to try to help.

    If you have interest in learning more about 'Carpet Repairs', from 'How to Do the Repair' all the way to 'How to Find Those that Need Carpet Repair Services', please let me know.

    I help with not only Personal Training but also with Training DVD's and Videos as well as with the Marketing for Repairs.

    Look over these sites and see some of what is offered for your assistance.

    also, check out this site, I often have different videos related to cleaning or restoration or the like for help

    I hope you find interest in this information.

    Steve Andrews
    [email protected]
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