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  • Hey Ryan!! I'm just getting started with my business and would like to speak with you. What's a good time to talk??
    Yo Ryan, you did a flyer for me just recently. Long story short, all the files on my computer have been encrypted last week from a virus. Would please resend a copy of my flyer to [email protected]

    Sorry for the stuff around.
    1st- Thank you for the podcasts! they are refreshing! I've only gotten to listen to 2 of them so far. also, I am planning on doing a couple of weeks worth of door to door sales/ads. tell me if these demo ideas suck please
    1. Stain removal demo -inexperience may work against me here though
    2. Demo of how our VLM service works with a spray bottle of encap juice and an anglegrinder with a pad attachment.
    Give this guy a call. He needs to do some eddm. I've told him I will help him get started but he should talk with you. He's my biggest competitor in my area but we are buds. He does tub and sink refinishing. You can find him on you tube Rudy's Fantastic shine. All of his contact info should be easy to find. He wants to expand and I've recommended you to him. Rudy Gonzalez. He's a member here as well.
    Hi Ryan, Can you tell me the name of the machine your using in the carpet cleaning video?.
    Hi Ryan,
    I'm interested in having a 8.5x11 flyer made. I want to fold these and stuff them in envelopes with some gift certificates.
    I have Illustrator, but have "NO" idea how to use it, so i'm in need of your services. I have a new truckmount and would like to let past customers about it. I would also like to include 5 or so coupons
    Hey, thanks for responding on the thread. About direct mail, I need to find a "mail house" to cut out the marketing company. I had a bunch of post cards before that ended up being hand distributed since I had no way to address, sort, mail them out. Couldn't find this service in Memphis, TN. Any national companies that do that?
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