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    T-Rex Jr, no speed control switch?

    They used to have speed control but now they are one speed. I was told the speed control was hard on the motor so they discontinued it.
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    Titan 575, gimped through end of my job today

    My sapphire has acted like that both times the fuel pump went out. Could hear the pump running but it wasn’t pumping. The only difference was that the engine would crank but not start. If it won’t crank, I would suggest an electrical short or something shutting it down like an overheat sensor.
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    Hoss 700 problem

    Are all the holes in the jets clean? I keep a wire brush and just brush over the jets to clean them occasionally.
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    Mytee T Rex parts

    I am looking for the center shaft inside the gearbox for my T. rex. It is only services as a whole motor and gearbox assembly through mytee. Anyone have a dead machine to part out or any idea how to get a new shaft? They want half of the price of a new machine for the motor and gearbox.
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    Engine rpm

    I have had my engine speed drop over time a few times. Finally put an electronic tach/hour meter on it so I can adjust as needed.
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    Super clean

    Has anyone done work for Superclean? I have a pending bid and I have heard bad things about some of these companies that are slow/no pay. Any experience with Superclean?
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    Owner Operator a job or a business?

    I felt like he was kind of looking down on me like I didn’t really have a legitimate “business” unless I had employees. I have built this business from the ground up just like many of you have and I am proud of what I have accomplished. Maybe he meant well but it rubbed me the wrong way like I...
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    Owner Operator a job or a business?

    My tax man/business advisor tried to feed me that line of crap about owning a job and not a business. I thought about it a lot until one day I realized that it was pretty easy for him to say as he works for his boss and has virtually no risk in how the business performs. Im happy with being an...
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    How to judge there are wax on hardwood floor?

    You need an acrylic test kit to determine if there is wax. I wouldn’t do laminate as any amount of water will damage it. You can use a 175 if you know what you’re doing but a machine like the dirt dragon is probably safer.
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    How much should I charge hardwood wax removed and refinish job?

    I usually run around $2.00-$2.50/ft depending on how much area.
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    Harwood help please!!

    The first coat was not cured enough before second coat was applied.
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    Harwood help please!!

    I have had the exact same thing happen to me with the same products. I just buffed with a red pad under a white pad to screen the floor. Then clean the floor with squeaky and microfiber mop. reapply new finish. That will take care of it.
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    Tile spinner not working!

    What brand is it. I had to replace the bearing in my turbo hybrid when it stopped spinning.
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    Heating a TM trailer

    I should add that I have cleaned in weather as cold as -15 degrees air temp and never frozen anything.
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    Heating a TM trailer

    I insulated my trailer and put 2 patron 1500 watt heaters with temp control on different circuits from the house for redundancy. One will keep up usually. I also just let the truck mount run as I drive between jobs. Open a side trailer vent so the vacuum doesn’t suck the sides of the trailer in...