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    Please Post Your Carpet Cleaning Website Here

    Nice site, but I was unable to get your navigation bars to work. The nice girl would keep giving the introductory speech.
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    Been a little bit snippy...

    We are all getting beaten up by price shoppers. Too many people are out to make darn sure our service is at our expense. After all, so many have unfortunately cluttered their driveways with exotics such as cigarette boats, Beemers, Mercedes, five Harley's, other cars that could compete with...
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    Older Prochem Machines

    I have an older Prochem Bearcat Catalytic that is now pushing 8000 hrs.- after a serious cleanup, restructuring of rotted frame and a few grand she is treating me OK over the past several years. The radiator had (and still has) an intermittent leak, and today (Halloween) I seized the opportunity...
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    Bonesaw review

    Bonesaw is far better than most strippers I have tried. For a close second, Betco extreme is very good. Prescription gets a high five from me for durability, as none of my clients will buy into a routine burnishing. Regardless, I check into a large job I did at a social club and the traffic...
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    Two cancellations and I send the potential customer away. Also, more than 4 telephone conversations lead me to believe this is a potential pitfall client. I am very precise in my explanations and explain the process thoroughly. We are not building a house ($$$$), and we work hard for our...
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    Best of luck with this bad situation. I would suggest posting on facebook & other social media.
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    Late cancelations

    Life happens, and loss of income stinks, but I am polite and enjoy the hours off. One cancellation only for that customer/booking and it is noted "for the record" for any possible requested preferential treatment for that customer in the future. Most customers are easy to read over the phone...
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    Hello TMF

    I wish your family the best. Self employment can be great.
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    How old are you?

    56 and going strong.
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    Paying sales tax on resale items

    Has anybody found information on exemption of sales tax payment on re-sale items? I have found a form REV 1220 for Pennsylvania but am not clear as to some of the information on it. I am trying to figure out why I pay more in taxes (property, school, sales, income, etc.) than I am able to make...
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    It is so good to see all the extra details we as cleaners endlessly detail are recognized by some.
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    Simix Surface Solutions : Anyone heard of them, used their products?

    I just used their Multi-Surface coating today on VCT. Previously on the same floor I had used Zep wet-look wax with fantastic appearance, but because many small dogs are in the home, their nails scratched the surface (obviously). I returned (at my cost) and low speed polished out all the...
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    I would opt not to go unless ordered. I was in the same situation awhile back. I did not see the carpets prior to the tenant moving in so I could not imagine anything I said would be of interest. The carpets were a mess. The client (landlord) was a lawyer. I was going to go; on the day of the...
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    $3600 fine for my lawn signs. Any body have experience with that?

    I guess politicians have to pay immense fines with all the signs they put up.
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    Please rate my site

    Looks good. I would hire your team.