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    Pro-chem Legend heat?

    Having trouble getting heat from the Legend. Just wondering if the Mytee Turbo heater can be used on this machine, or is this only used for electric machines? Im desperate for higher heat. I’m only getting around 130-140 max. really trying to avoid a propane heater, but if that’s all I can do...
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    Prochem legend gt heat

    Our legend is not putting out much 150 degrees just wondering if anyone knows of a way to get more heat without adding a propane heater? thanks for the help
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    Legend got prime hose?

    Our prime hose puts water into our solution mix, and overfills our solution tank. I thought it was supposed to suck vs put it back into the solution jug we are having problems getting soap
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    Legend got prime hose?

    Priming hose is filling up soap tank, and is not sucking I’m new to this machine. Is this normal? If not... any guess what the problem may be? thank you
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    Needed a machine made out of Aircraft aluminum. Light weight, not bulky. Limited room on our van
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    I just talked to a Namco Rep. I wanted to order a husky. I needed one with a plastic fresh water tank . The rep told me he could send me a husky that has a fresh water tank (not a add on tank) I know the beast has a fresh water tank, but has anyone herd of a husky with a fresh water tank? I’ve...
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    Pro chem Peak question

    PEAK QUESTION? 6 months ago I had new heads, and head gaskets put on my Peak GTX Since having it fixed, I now keep a close eye on coolant level in the plastic reservoir. Before we start cleaning, the coolant level reads about a inch below the full mark. After we start cleaning for a...
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    Peak get water pump?

    Just curious if anyone knows the amount of hours it calls for a water pump for the peak gtx? Looks like it's very hard to get to. Going to try and get it fixed tomorrow. Wondering if anyone had to replace one?
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    Ongoing Problem with peak.

    Just got our machine back from being repaired. The owner replaced both heads and gaskets. Today he noticed antifreeze that was slung on some chemical jugs . They were sitting towards the back of the machine towards the hose reels. While the machine was running he tried to see where it was...
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    Trying to prevent a third blown head gasket

    My friend just got his Peak gtx repaired. Kohler 26 hp liguid cooled. He had 2 new heads and gaskets replaced.2 peaks low hours, 2 blown head gaskets. He's not a machanic but really dose good on maintenance to his machine He's herd that " back pressure' is the possible source of the continued...
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    Peak liquid cooled question. 2nd fan

    Just curious? Why 70/30 mix vs 50/50? I originally thought the same thing, and we later found out that the machanic added 50/50 mix before it blew
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    Peak liquid cooled question. 2nd fan
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    Peak liquid cooled question. 2nd fan
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    Peak liquid cooled question. 2nd fan

    Thanks. I would love to know how you do that?
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    Peak liquid cooled question. 2nd fan

    I'm Speaking about oil , and water temp. No difference than a car. If they add a radiator, water pump... Why not put a temp gauge, and oil pressure gauge? Both engines blew a head gasket and didn't automatically shut down, and never low on antifreeze... Never showed low in the resivor