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    Best Heated Portable for around $3k

    I just got me a nautilus & love it performance & how you can strap the wand to the front & bucket on top was clutch going in & out of apartments this week
  2. Rory henderson

    Water extraction

    Anyone in the Woodlawn Ohio area
  3. Rory henderson

    What distributors are near you?

    Interlink 10 mins away from my house great customer service I run a chem Tex so I do 90% of my maintenance but there always there if I need them
  4. Rory henderson

    Do People Review Businesses?

    House call pro automatically sends a google review link after every kob
  5. Rory henderson

    Relief valve

    Yup that’s a nice video but that bayco is engineered to release at was actually on my 14/33 chem Tex but I just bought a 25/45 chem Tex & the vacuum relief came loose & fell down in the blower.I thought it was locked up so I bought a new blower but when I took the old one off I was able to...
  6. Rory henderson

    Relief valve

    I don’t know why they don’t,increased my vacuum significantly
  7. Rory henderson

    Relief valve

    That’s a bayco but I’m sure they do the same because that’s pre set to 13hg
  8. Rory henderson

    Relief valve

    i I added this relief valve instead of that spring & plate that was on there & you won’t believe how much it improved my vacuum
  9. Rory henderson


    I put the new one in & put a bayco vacuum relief valve so I’m not gone worry about it
  10. Rory henderson


    Yeah I fished it out it was a pice if the vacuum relief valve fished that out & now it’s spinning again I guess I bought a new blower for nothing oh well
  11. Rory henderson

    Raptor coupler advice

    Yup I run a 5 on my 45 blower & a 3 on my 33 blower if you don’t like the 5 go up to the next size element