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    Colorado truck mount- looking to buy

    I just bought one of eBay I look on eBay all day they have two steam actions on eBay 33 blower 4.000 obo & a 59 blower 17,0000
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    @Todd the Cleaner is in the hospital.

  3. Rory henderson

    How to unclog 01 jets?

    Yup that’s a welders tip cleaner home depot 5 bucks
  4. Rory henderson

    Need a hydraulic Hose

    Yup I have a hose & fittings shop near me take the old one in & they duplicate it except I get swivel on both ends
  5. Rory henderson

    Dwyer Meter Question

    When that happen to me I changed out everything from the chemical pump to solution pump & it ended up being a slit in the chemical solution line that goes in the 5 gallon jug
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    Did my first 300 ft run today @ my nursing home,I usually do half with truck & half was great not having to spit it up.I love progress
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    I have the 870 & love it!
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    Happy Thanksgiving Guys!!!

    Same to you & everyone else
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    Did you "spin-off" or were you a "start-up" company?

    I come from getting my carpet cleaned at home to seeing a carpet cleaning van come down the lane @ the car auction.
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    Thank y’all I can’t wait to find me another van & get this baby going
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    I currently run a 14/33 chem Tex,I don’t have a problem with it I have 85 5 star reviews & do great work now I just purchased a 25/45 do you guys think I will see a difference
  12. Rory henderson

    Google My Business update

    Download the app & change it yourself easy fix
  13. Rory henderson

    Boss Ultra?

    I just got a flood job for Ashley Stewart store & told them only way I would do it is if they pay after completion,she called back 20 minutes later & said ok I did it & got paid right afterwards
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    Do People Review Businesses?

    After every job hcp ask the customer for a review for me I’m at 85 4.8 rating so that’s 5 stars customers always say that you have great reviews then I say thank you & hopefully you will be the next
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    What Cell phone do you use?

    iPhone has two sims so you can have personal line & business line on 1 phone