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    bad review

    i did a empty room used bio & a crb then extracted with truckmount after carpet dryed customer changed room around & you can see dark to light spot where bed use to sit all stains came up except for that traffic lane & i got tge worst review ever
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    Customer Reviews

    house call pro,after your done with job & hit the finish button hcp sends customer a link to leave a Google review if they have a gmail & if tgey dont have gmail it just leave a review on the platform i love it im up to 73 now & counting trying to bust that 100 mark
  3. Rory henderson

    refrigerator magnet

    I use the buisness card peel & stick magnets & put my post cards on the them
  4. Rory henderson


    brisket low & slow 12 hrs on the Bradley
  5. Rory henderson

    Water claw vs. Stain Out System

    I use what you water a flower with
  6. Rory henderson

    Shake & Rake baby!

    this stuff cleaned up a dirty empty at a nursing home today for me I mean spots everywhere I just knew I was going to have to go back over it & use the truck mount afterwards but nope seems like I cheated I still dont know where the dirt went
  7. Rory henderson

    Shake & Rake baby!

    this shake n rake is the this was my first time ever using a dry compound & it performed great at my nursing home today I didn't even start the truck up today,where did the dirt go?
  8. Rory henderson

    welcome to square foot pricing

    last job of the day I charged $0.35 a square foot.I usually charge 100 first 2 & hallway & 35 each additional area. Today's job normally would have been $205.00 but square foot pricing it was $327.75 ....guess it's safe to say hello square foot pricing!
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    Top portables

    I have the eclipse & love mine
  10. Rory henderson


    I just bought this traeger 870 with wifi pellet grill & I love it!
  11. Rory henderson

    Judson in '99 Ford E250 for sale, Fort Mill SC Area

    I would love to take it off his hands I dont have time to go down & get it
  12. Rory henderson

    Parting out Truckmount vs sell complete

    it wont let me PM you but if you could send me a pic & check shipping to 44121 zip us email