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  • I found you when searching the net for ideas. I have read that some are un-fixable.

    This is my first TM and I don't know a lot about them so go easy with any technical advice !


    Hi. I also run a Steamway Legacy 2100 and I live in Scotland. I used it today and the heater wouldn't fire up. The red light is on and I have checked the reset switch. I also bled the kerosene line. Water pressure is fine and I'm pretty sure it's getting kerosene. The only things I haven't checked are a blocked jet -as I don't know how. I realise it could be the fuel solenoid

    Many thanks in advance

    Bill Weir
    Sounds good!

    Ya we have 5 grand babies... We get pretty busy as well... Will deffenitly come do a challenge.
    i want them too...Maybe by the time i get up there i'll pick some up! sounds cool
    That's so cool your doing on your own..... I love Sonora! I like to go to the Harley things that go on up there. Ill put your number in my phone and call the next time I come up there.
    Evening (UK time) Have removed the dislike from your post, didn't realisevI had done it. I blame my iPad! :)
    Hi Robert, I just last week finished doing mailers to all my proir customers. I am going to be using the EDDM system in September. For some reason when the temperature is over 100 degrees here people tend not to clean as much so I am going to do EDDM mailers to the same group of people in September, October, and November which is the busy season out here,
    Not a problem on the tatoo thing. I have no worries, just think that ink has a bad rep and I can understand that to a degree. It's so widespread these days, all the sports figures, Hollywood.
    Next time you come through, give me a call, we'll get some food or something.
    Great looking family you have there! Ivan
    Roboshark, I wasn't selling the homemade water claw. Just making it for myself and the other for Todd for free. They are very easy to make if you'd like to make one and have any questions feel free to contact me. Johnny
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