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    I'm at a job right now that looks like the tile is marble or has a topical coding on it the customers are saying it is polished porcelain tile

    Can be tricky to say for sure what something is without seeing it in person. The pictures definitely look to me like a highly polished marble. Done right, polished stone can a 3D appearance. I've had to get right down on the floor to tell for sure if it's polished stone or stone with a high...
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    How’s business your way?

    Residential is just dead for us right now. Got a steady flow of work coming in from a local hospital that is pretty much the only thing keeping us running. In Missoula, MT.
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    Wintertime VLM

    Bonnet Pro is the way to go for VLM. I've tried some different companies for bonnets and chems and always go back to bonnet pro.
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    Be smarter than the dirt

    They were on board for a monthly cleaning, and paid fast too (got a check within 3 days of giving my invoice). The problem was communication. We could never get confirmation on scheduling which lead to several occasions of coming in at 2am to work and finding that they didn't know we were coming...
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    Be smarter than the dirt

    Wow, I forgot all about this one. Looking back I'm still pretty proud of what I did in there. Ended up being a terrible account! Lol! The manager was never around and we could never get a clear word on what was going on. I ended up walking away. Pretty sure the carpets haven't been cleaned since.
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    What’s your answer to “I found someone cheaper”?

    I thank them for calling and wish them the best. I don't want to be the cheapest guy they call and if after my little speech they still just want the lowest price cleaner then I'm not it and I wish them the best.
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    Nautilus extractor models

    Your float should prevent waste water from going into the motors. The problem you're more likely to have is foam getting sucked in. When that happens empty the machine and then run the motors for about 10 minutes, then I spray some WD40 into them. That will prevent them from seizing due to rust...
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    Nautilus extractor models

    I made a universal fill hose from an bicycle innertube. Don't need to mess with adapters, one end slips over the faucet and a rubber band holds it on.
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    Nautilus extractor models

    Especially with the hot turbo. If you can't find another 20 amp or if it's got other stuff running on it, just don't turn the 4th coil on.
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    Nautilus extractor models

    Yes. But when you order, call the company you are ordering from and confirm if you aren't sure.
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    Could Robs deoderisers be that good??

    I ordered some more Citrus Lush and the cap wasn't tightened all the way. Taped good but lid still loose enough it leaked a couple ounces out. The UPS guy loved the smell so much he had to ask what it was, I told him and now I got him scheduled for a carpet cleaning with pet stain removal. Looks...
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    Nautilus extractor models

    I Run a nautilus MXE500 with the pump out. I love it. I've only used the pump out for a flood extraction. I wish I had gotten the auto fill, but they sell the autofill kit so I might buy it and add it in. TBH, I rarely need either. Only issue is that model does not have heat. In most cases...
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    Hobbies Outside Of Our Businesses

    A neighbor had a few and one got out and started making noise outside our bedroom window one morning just as my wife and I were enjoying some intimate time... Talk about mood killer...
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    First time carpet cleaning.

    Red and blue scrub pads, cotton bonnets, and a pump sprayer will get you going. For bonnet and encap cleaning I really like Iron Man bonnets and Revive It Rocket, both from Bonnet Pro.
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    Hobbies Outside Of Our Businesses

    I actually started cleaning so I could spend more time on learning to make and repair instruments. Today was a good day for both things, I had all kinds of people in and out of the house fixing a broken sewer line. Scheduled 2 carpet jobs, and got an order for a guitar.