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    Let’s talk about “bait & switch”

    Never rejoice at someone’s downfall as karma works both ways.
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    Ken Jordan Interview

    Kens a smart and genuine guy. Not many left in the world.
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    What’s your cash advance policy for employees?

    If you have or ever going to have employees this will come up. Do you give or offer cash advances? Did it work out if so?
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    Let’s talk about “bait & switch”

    Let’s talk about “bait & switch”. Our industry is full of them. About 15 years ago had a cleaner in a nearby city share his P&L with me. He did just over 750k, had only subs, charged 4.99 a room and had about 40% net. He said that’s all he reported if you catch my drift. His average ticket was...
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    Which floor mat and door jamb is better?Please recommend me some stuff.

    Nothing beats the TMF Safety Door. Could save your life too.
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    Please help!!!

    1) Prevention best-Set expectations 2) Always use UV light, period. 3)Pre-vacuum extra when using portable 4) Use TMF ULT acid rinse while newbie 5) Overlap clean & do lots dry strokes 7) Use air movers 8) Make sure A/C on accel drying 9) Groom to speed drying 10) Take TMF courses to...
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    Anyone have a Zipper SS for sale?

    I cleaned half my showroom floor and it browned out. Was not dry next day. In fairness I believe it was not adjusted correctly. I finally figured out how to adjust it. I'll retry it again on the other half of my showroom floor and see what it does. PS:We also tried it on area rugs and it...
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    Where is Turbo Man

    The applicator is really good
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    CONTEST Contest with Brian Hass’s new rap video!

    Yeah. We’re going back to Black next run. Also added something new now. Watch for it
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    Carpet Cleaners near Death Experience (Video)

    Not really unless it’s really faulty. This is why they make propane buffers to clean inside grocery and retail stores. Also use it for forklifts. Really safe.
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    Carpet Cleaners near Death Experience (Video)

    So true. She was on the fault line for sure.
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    Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Dangers - *GRAPHIC WARNING*

    Agree. We like close windows and cut ac or heat on for best drying results we tell client.
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    Carpet Cleaning Injury Thread (Graphic)

    I was playing basketball with my brother in law and his Achilles snapped and rolled right up back his leg. Worst sound and looking muscle injury I’ve seen. Thanks but no thanks
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    Carpet Cleaning Injury Thread (Graphic)

    Popping an ankle hurts like crazy. Done it like 6 times playing basketball by landing on someone’s foot. Sucks but I just put on an aircast and went back to work.