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    Delicate chair tore while cleaning

    Here’s a tough one. Client has delicate dining room chairs. As the cleaner started one chair it ripped. Client wants all chairs reupholstered now. (1100.00) What do you do?
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    Judson TNT Truckmount and Van for Sale, Broward County area Florida

    How much and why are you selling?
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    Urine Odor/Stain Removal Kit

    Ouch, thats why we putting the lanyards on all of them. Very hard to leave behind and if you do the lanyard will have your name and number.
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    IICRC UGH!!!!!

    They forget the IICRC was started by one man whose others called crazy with a vision. Who knows, maybe the next generation of school will be started by one crazy man with a vision.
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    Urine Odor/Stain Removal Kit

    Become an odor removal expert in one day!
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    Citrus Solv 2 or Prosgrade Citrus Solvent??

    Both great products. Just remember we love you. [emoji28]
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    Is it just me, or....................

    This is a great point. Look at Stanley. Not as thorough but almost a billion a year. So yes it is all relative. However to stake our deepest roots, doing the most thorough job will yield best ROI over decades esp for O/O's.
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    Is it just me, or....................

    Hey at least some cleaners have and cigarette money. haha
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    Is it just me, or....................

    Lot of hacks out there and they don’t even know it. Some take constructive criticism and adjust. Others get offended and digg in.
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    BIO PRO 10K................BOOSTED???

    We have something cool on the way. Keep your eyes open. I have to speak vaguely to avoid the ideas getting out. But I will announce it here 1st.
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    Was the AW 29 first production wand made?

    Very interesting Scott. One more question. I have heard the AW29 was the 1st S bend wand. Is that true? @Scott W
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    Trinity Spyder

    For future reference Hos Vibe has removable weights making it easier to transport, lift and lowering weight on less soiled/delicate floors. Congrats and let us know how you like it. How much was it by the way?
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    Industry Update (Game Changer Video #1) Injection Sprayers Modifications

    We have to reshoot a few sections. Goal is one a month so probably April 1st.
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    Mytee air hog vac booster 7303

    I’m putting these in the TMF store for a 100.00 each. [emoji28]