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  • We started a registered non-profit relief fund in an attempt to start rebuilding our lives. We would love your permission to post a thread explaining our dire circumstances, share a link to our non-profit Facebook donation page and if you would be so kind as to grant us your permission to post the link on TMF, which category is appropriate?
    On behalf of the Cherveny family; thank you.

    Kevin Cherveny (cleanaholic)
    Hi Rob,
    On March 10th my home and everything inside (including my 2 dogs) was completely consumed by an electrical fire. I had a minimal renters ins. policy but was unaware that my mothers house insurance policy had lapsed. I am eternally grateful that my family members made it out alive. In my entire life I have never experienced such profound devastation and loss.
    Hi Rob....I've been watching your videos etc....What can you tell me about that strange colored wand you're using? Is that something you're building and how does it compare to the Prochem titanium wand?
    Hi Rob, I'm looking for a price list for different services you had posted here some time ago. If it's still available how I can get access to it. Thank you, Nathan.
    Hi Rob,
    I noticed that you do Dryer Vent Cleaning. I was thinking about adding DV cleaning service to our business. Is it worth adding the service? What kind of equipment do you recommend? How do you market the service?


    Juan Rodriguez
    Hi Rob, I'm just wondering what happened to the TMF SE truckmount that Ben from Amtex built for TMF store. If it was sold, are you planning on ordering more of these in near future? I'm from Northern VA and trying to find out if there is anybody in Virginia who has used or new Amtex truckmount for sale. Thanks!
    Hey Rob I recently called this week at your office in VA and spoke with a young woman about knowing what TMF products I would need for my auto detailing business. I let her know I currently have a power flite porty .She told me she would have a package setup of a budget around 150 shipping included sent to my email address. Haven't heard anything yet. My email is: [email protected]
    Rob, I was referred to you by quite a few of the forum members who we have wrapped vans for. They all suggested that I join your site, and possibly advertise on it. Can you get in contact with me so I can figure out what to do next, now that I am registered?

    Brian [email protected] or 714-651-1748 is my cell phone

    thanks bud!
    Hey Rob, Having some trouble with the classifieds. If I click classifieds it loads fine, but when I click "upload ad" it takes me to a login page. Then I click "register" and it automatically logs me in via facebook, then I click upload ads and the whole process starts over again. It lets me view my own current ads, but when I click upload it brings me to the signin screen.
    Hey Rob..sign me up for premium membership..what is Elite? How does web site thing work?? Let me know what I owe and how to pay!
    Hey Rob since I am a premium member, how do I get a copy of that DVD? I see it at the TMF store but doesn't have options for members who paid their dues already. I know you are busy, but thanks in advance.
    Hey Rob..Made some Tang out of your TILEMASTER..So Refreshing!! You mention 3 scoops for Hydra-Force...WHAT SCOOP!!
    What...Put it at the BOTTOM!! How many OZ's..Should the Boys use???
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