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  • IICRC Water Damage and Restoration Class WRT
    November 7th-9th 2014, 8:30 start time Friday-Sunday
    Kleaners Supply and Service Facility
    10600 Maumelle Boulevard, North little Rock, AR 72118 (501)765-5492
    Price for the Class is $350.00 Each Person, seating is limited,
    Lunch Will be provided all three days.
    Contact Will at 501-765-5492 to sign up for the class and any other questions.
    For some reason my first post didn't show up for awhile so wrote others. Don't mean to be a bug.
    I remember a few months back you were running specials with free chems. not as interested in free chemicals as much as getting a professional carpet cleaning site so whatever break you could give me would be appreciated. Thanks!
    Hi Rob,
    I'm interested in you guys building a website for me. Can you tell me package prices and what they include? Thanks.

    Hi Rob,
    A few months back you guys were running a special on websites. I'm trying to get a professional looking website for carpet cleaning. We have an excellent reputation for carpet cleaning and are not tapping that market. Can you tell me how much you guys would charge to build me a website? My current sucky one is hosted by GoDaddy and is Thanks for the help!!
    Rob; I'm a little new to the CC industry but everything is coming together quite well. However, I do have a question that I'm pretty sure you can answer. I have an older PP405 and my air pump is squeaking about ready to go out, it seems as though it is a standard automotive part, Proline wants way too much for it. Do you know how I'd be able to track down what automotive model my air pump might be? Thanks Dion
    How do I delete my account, I won't participate in close,minded people not even in the industry to deliver a collective goal. There are plenty of "gays" in the field. Look at the comments lately. If I was black would that be better? Adios guys...
    Hey Rob,

    Was wondering if you would tell me how to get a pest control license here in Virginia. Is there an online course or books i could order. Not looking to do individual houses but military housing folks only. They approached me today and wanted me to look into get a license for it. Thanks
    If you get a chance please call me today . I would like to talk to you about placing your products on the Jon Don website.
    I will be driving to St. Louis today so anytime after 9 am.
    Bill Yeadon 317 2017670
    Hi Rob,
    When is your advanced DVD going to be ready? Also I am in the UK if I make an order for your ride along DVD will you ship to the UK?

    Robin Ray
    Hi there Rob
    If someone asked me for services in a PM, am I allowed to offer them that service, without advertising it in the forum
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