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  • Am I wrong? I think Amtex is superior to our Pro Chem Apex., for one thing we have lots of videos and people here like the Amtex. Am I right? I just can't afford to make a wrongs decision.
    Read the previous post first; I need advise. He said that Amtex isn'ta good company. Said no on will work on an Amtex and we are crazy if we buy this machine.
    We need a repair shop and a supplier in our area! Any advise will be appreciated!
    Rob, if you read any of my post, you know that I totaled my Sprinter Van and my Apex.

    We have read everything on truck mounts comparable to our Apex and decided that for the money we want to get an Amtex 2745g.

    I called our distributor and asked him to install it for us and was told NO!
    HI Rob, I'm having white magic pro1200 issues. I got a new engine in my work truck ever since then the PTO shakes and rattle inside the bar. Do I have to balance or align the driveshaft after getting a new engine? Thank you kindly for the help.
    Hi Rob, I have upgraded the member about six months ago and haven't received any videos and is my blob supposed to have do follow links after upgrading. Hope you can help. Philip
    Hi Rob, I upgraded to premium member a month ago. Just curious when the Rida Along dvd and other links and such will be sent to me. Can you help?
    Hey Rob...Getting excited about the Show? FYI...You are LOSING Sales by not having the New items I sent you up on the TMF store! Numerous members have said they cant find them on the Store Site! Also...have you had a chance to discuss with Tre doing Trade out for work on my American Brush website.
    The sapphire 370ss website has diderent specs than the catalog info. I did the catalog info first and trusted my sales rep to know the difference. Again my fault as this was my final decision. Gas use was a big isssue, but I was told the 370ss wpould out prform a peak gtx, I had one not close imo...
    Rob any suggestions on getting the advertised performance out of a new 370ss. 371cfm at 16" and the heat exchanger water box runs low. This was in stock and sold to perform like a peak gtx.two weeks in I am told to bad unless I want to pay to uninstall the unit, pay the difference to upgrade to a570ss, pay reinstall .10k difference. Thanks for you insight and helping eachother. respectful, and humiliating regards, JC
    Yo Rob...did you get the email I sent last week re: our deal? emailed to you at the TMF store. I cooked my old computer that had your other addresses on..Trying to work a Good Deal for you and fellow Tmfers for Brushes.
    Rob, I have been advertising for many years on DG but never advertised here because at on time you hinted that you were going to produce your own color seal. Seems like that never happened. If you have dropped that idea I may be interested in advertising on TMF.

    I thought there was a page that explained rates but I cannot seem to find them now.

    Mike Skala
    New to forum. Watched your video review of CX-15, considering purchasing one. In your video you advertised free samples of the Pre Load 5. Not sure if you still have it or not, but am really interested. We have a nasty commercial job that has been neglected for several years and I am trying to get it back in shape and was wondering how it may do with the new CX 15. Let me know when you can.
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