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  • Rob do you think it would be possible to get your class on dvd one day it would be helpful because some of us just live to far from your city and everybody would benefit from it.tanks.
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    rob allen
    Next class I do I will video it. You want the whole enchilada or certain parts in particular?
    Thanks Rob! I don't know how to PM you and I also live in Australia so I don't know if you could send me a prize or not.
    Hi rob
    I have a blue wave that has an impossible to set spring relief valve.
    I was thinking of fitting your fee flow valve but I couldn't find it in your store?
    Do you still sell them and would you ship to the uk.
    rob allen
    Just go to any hardware store and get a spigot valve. Its not hard to do yourself
    Are you going commercial? No more truck mounts? And know you know that commercial=portable units!
    rob allen
    We do 5% commercial and were moving towards building that to 20%. I am aware that they both have their place. Different tools for different jobs.
    Hi Rob , can you tell me do you have a Tmf distribution hehe in Aust , I would be happy to try some products , hope you are having a good weekend , regards Steven
    rob allen
    I don't but Im getting close to being able to set up outside of the US.

    Where do I find wand lips for the shorty PMF stair tool you use as I have the sameone
    rob allen
    Email [email protected] Or go to our store and order a full size lip glide and cut it to size. You can get 2 out of one and its a much better value. Hope this helps.
    Rob, my IPS sprayer was waiting for me when I got home last night...I charged one battery no problems. The second battery wouldn't charge..I left in on overnight blinking alternately the red and green lights. So I need a second battery. I like the sprayer , though, used it this morning. I tried calling the Florida repair the message machine.

    My phone 707 322-7208

    couldn't find how to post this. can you help? a Hydramater Spitfire 3.2 leaking water somewhere underneath...seems to run fine, has good vacuum and water pressure just getting my van soaked...mechanic said would have to take whole system out to look for it...said 8 hours labor....any thoughts....I'd like to do myself if I can to save the money
    Hi Rob,

    I tried to start a conversation with you where I would ask you a few questions about your experience with Triangle reel system by Reel Innovations, but the TMF system is not allowing me to do that. Message is that there is spam content or offensive language in my text- non of this is the case. What is the best way to resolve this?
    Hey Rob,

    Not sure you received my last email? I never got a reply. I lost a bunch of emails over last summer so I no longer have yours or your sons phone number. Do you still need help with your store? 877-477-1615 [email protected] Take care.
    hey rob id like to talk to you about chemicals how do i pm you? im looking for a change on my carpet pre-spray
    hey rob, just an fyi. i have been trying to post in the classifieds section all afternoon and this evening, and nothing will post. I click submit, and my little hour class just spins in circles and nothing else happens. I let it run for 10 minutes or so, but nothing happens. It did allow me to post in their this morning however.....
    Hello Rob. I am looking for the difference between tile master and grout master products. I would like to try them. Thanks
    Hey Boss..How Things Brother? You have the Energy of me Like.... uhhh..40 years Ago!
    Good on Ya Freind! Looks like I'll make the Vegas Show..Johnny Bravo (Sheridan) and I are going to hook up and head that way.. How Cool is THAT!
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