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  • hi rob! im new here. i keep getting this...please do not post any links until you have over 3 posts, it will be rejected to prevent spam. Many words are also blocked due to being using in spam messages. can you please help me post?
    Hi Rob
    Just wondering when i will get my black light its been almost 4 weeks.
    Larry Garrison
    [email protected]
    rob allen
    I apologize for the delay. We were able to make it almost 2x's stronger but it delayed manufacturing. I promise you it will be so worth your wait that you will be thanking me after. Thank you for your patience.
    Hi Rob, Id like to order a sample of grout-master. My email is [email protected] Any samples would be appreciated. I'm only one year into this business and only have tried pro-chem, and I'd like to try new chems but they are pricey!
    Hey Rob, I currently use Procyon with a citrus sol booster or flex with citrus sol powder form in my hydroforce as my pretreatment. I wanted to know if it would be possible for you to send me some of your pre treatment samples for heavy soiled residential carpets also for CGD carpets as well. You can reach me at [email protected] you for your time!
    Rob, I am looking for some information sheets that I can help train my new sales guys that are out and about working. I sell new jobs great, just trying to teach ph values, and certain facts that will help close the deal when on the road selling. It helps to be extremely knowledgeable instead of referring back to me. Any help on this?
    Hi Rob.

    I'm starting up again with hard surface cleaning but lack extraction tools to get the sauce of the surface. Funding is tight. Could you recommend any other solution. I'm confident once I have this piece of the puzzle in place, the work will come.

    Thanks for the ear and thank you for TMF. Truly a great resource.

    Thanks for the response. I should have been more clear. I don't even have an extraction machine, portable. Tile wand would be fine. Do you know of any packages that include machine,hose, wand, say around 1K. don't need anything big. smaller the better. I'll get the funding if it fits needs.
    PS. Already use Groutmaster. phenomenal product.
    Sorry. no coffee yet. Would you know if it's possible to rent the equipment I need. I live in northern CA, Tracy. Just a thought. Thanks again. Enjoy the holiday..
    Hello everyone.
    I started my business last year and I would like to know what kind of machine you guys recommend me to clean the Tile & groud and commercial carpet.

    Orbot? Mytee eco17? Or any other suggestions?

    Thank you!
    Hello Rob, question- can I edit my age off of my profile? I don't think it needs to be public but not a big deal- also- how can I post a public question for suggestions?
    Thanks a lot
    So I am brand new to TMF, how to I create a posting on here to get some answers to questions? Thanks for the help...I'm not a very tech savvy guy.
    Hey Rob is the TMF 5 day training class still being offered. If so, is it suitable for rookies who have never done carpet cleaning before and what are the dates this year?
    rob allen
    Yes Vlad we are still offering it and its even better than ever now. And yes, it will teach you everything you ever wanted to know and more!
    Hey Rob ! what happen to classifieds - classifieds can make a big difference when getting started in this business my nephew bought his first truck for 6500 dollars and two years later he quit his other job at the lumber yard and had his first great season. What a great feeling to tell your old boss to take a hike..any one ever experience this..
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    rob allen
    I don't see profile questions very often. Email me directly for fast responses at [email protected]
    Yes im new to taking over my Grandfathers carpet business as a kid i helped him around the shop as I got older it shrank due to his heath problems and so I worked at a reastraunt a few years then he passed away my dad took over to let it become a hobby on the side becasue plumbing is his passion I was fed up with my boss saved and got my 1st machine and never looked back Im growing everyday and do it full time now!
    Hey Rob, I would love to try a sample of groutmaster, whats your e-mail so I can send my contact information. I looked for some type of PM link but I did not see one on the site.
    Hey everyone , my bridgepoint lancer by prochem with 3300 hours on it. After a freezy weather the truckmount startet to give issues. Plz check a pic . When I turn the ignition key on the truckmount the pump starting to pump water and same moment water started to leak thru vacuum exhaust and from the engine (heatexchanger exhaust) . The machine will start but after working 5-10 seconds shuts off. Plz help
    Hey Rob! I am not sure how to just PM you on here but I am wanting to shut down my account with TMF. (Thought I had already?) I am no longer in the biz. it just is not relevant to my life now. I noticed I was auto charged for $100 for my membership today. Can you issue a refund please? :) Thanks Rob. It would be best to contact me through my email..... dueyvster at g mail dot com. Thanks again!
    Hi Rob. I have been watching your videos on Youtube - they are really helpful. I am starting my own carpet and upholstery cleaning business in Wellington, New Zealand. Obviously there are suppliers in NZ for various brands of chemicals, however, I was wondering if TMF ships overseas, as it seems they have put a lot of effort into making very good products.
    Rob, I have a question regarding your DVD. Is the one on sale for 49.99 the same as the ones for 99.99. If so I will buy one today. I have really been thinking about getting into the industry and want to buy the DVD before going to one of you trainings next year.
    rob allen
    Can you copy and paste the link here?
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