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  • Just posted on green cleaning, and safe Chems...Using a chem with a health class rating o, or, a 1. OSHA approved...Be safe people!...When you get a customer with breathing issues, your problem, will just begin....We use earth one(chemspec)..From the truck mount, and Saigers free and clear, (pre spray)...And a MSDS sheet to prove it..It's not worth it..Turn up ur heat, and work slower.. both of these, will work..
    We've used all the high pH, stuff, for years..Cleans instantly!.So cool!, But dangerous)..Restaurants, .Hotels, clinics, homes.our pre spray, with a pH, of 13!......With a health class rating, of 3.)..Remember!.Those people will breathing the stuff, for a while.....Every year!..Review your MSDS sheet. Use only safe Chems.,.With a health class rating of O to one...!.
    If, you are a new carpet cleaner, go green now...Save yourself..Review the MSDS sheet..Iicrc, certification, is good, but Iicrc, doesn't talk much about chem safety..,..Still, lots of Chems, (from the chem manufacture chem companies out there that are highly questionable).....I have six, Iicrc certification certs..Including water damage).....Those wdr products, are in question also....Be careful.....
    Hi Rob I enquired a few months back on product availability in Australia and if you were interested in someone stocking the tmf products over here, Just checking in to see if anything has changed Cheers Glenn
    the sample pack was used today tile grout it did more than expected to thanks rob will have video next time
    Rob, Hi. Pat Yanello here, a new member of TMF.

    Membership Levels

    The 1 Year Premium Membership for $240, what are the SIX MASTER CLASS SESSIONS that come with it? Is this related to your academy?

    Whats the other big kickers of getting this package over the other to levels of membership?

    Anything else you think you need to tell me about this membership level.
    rob allen
    Thanks Pat. Here is my cell, call me and lets chat whats best for you 757-486-3532
    Rob, hi. Will you call me about the best membership level?
    What time would be good to chat today?
    rob allen
    I sent you a message. I am presuming you didnt get it? Here is my cell, call me and lets hammer out something 757-486-3532
    Hi Rob. I was talking to Scott Warrington & Steve Toburen and a few of the friends down there and they say you have an excellent product. I would love to discuss with you the possibility of distributing some of your products in Canada. Can you please contact me and let me know if this is of interest to you. Thanks Bro. Rick Thode
    rob allen
    Yes do you have a number we could reach you at?
    403-573-8061 ext 203. 9:00 AM MST or so works for me?
    Rob, I posted my Amtex unit for sale and Johnny Bravo has trashed the whole thread! Why is he even allowed to post on your forum? Can you either remove my post or leave my post and remove all comments?
    Hey Rob. About the Secret Formula. Will this product keep in the hydro force sprayer to be used again. May be a dumb question but I know that some products do not keep. About to make a purchase after hearing all the great reviews. Thanks again.
    Hi Rob.

    Can you ship your chemicals to the UK. I am seriously interested in purchasing some of them as you seem to take the time and effort into putting the correct ingredients together creating the correct chemistry. I look forward to hearing from you. How about suppliers here in the UK..... Do you have any yet? I would be interested in becoming a supplier of your products.
    Hi Rob.

    I have watched your videos and think they are great. I have been cleaning carpets for over 20 years in the UK and still find your videos very educational. I would be interested in seeing a video explaining all different types of wands... 4 jet, 2 jet, carpet cleaning wands, the different hand tools, stair tools, and the differences in jet sizes, one jet, 2 jets, etc. usage and the results they produce.
    I'm interested in one of the 45 blowers you have as well as a case of Tile Master. Whats cost for the 45? Can we arrange shipping together to Canada
    rob allen
    Not worth shipping to Canada my friend. Look for a Bridgeport Distributor in Canada for the Telecaster.
    Hi Rob. Need help posting a van/truckmount I have for sale. Where can I post it? I tried posting it last night and finally got it up but I believe it was taken down. Can you please guide in the right direction?
    Hi Rob - I am in the market to buy either a hydramaster or prochem truck mount. My concern is who I will be able to go to after the warranty period is over. I live in columbus,ohio and a google search was not really helpful. Any ideas? Thanks
    I recently purchased a carpet cleaning van with a Saphire Scientific 370 unit. Had it completely serviced with a new set up! Can't find training for technician or myself. Can you help me find good training videos or courses to assist us? I have looked online and on You Tube and everything is really vague and not very detailed. Help!!
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