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    ETM / Porty

    We have a car wash on with an electric driven 1200 CFM blower that powers the entire 40 plus vacuums at the car wash, but if I would have to guess I would figure it was driven by a 440 amp 200 up electric motor the size of a v8 engine
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    Third Party (Steambrite) Jaguar 6.6 Test/Review

    Looks lIke an awesome machine. Still running the heck out of mt recoil
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    Look at this!!

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    I hear you missed me...

    drinking and video chatting in my underwear!! Well cool your jets and let me get the lent out of my belly button!! Been to dam busy making money; sorry for all the tit picker and nose picker bit fight; but I am now back and you can begin bowing and ass kissing.
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    Got a call Yesterday...

    About a job I had scheduled Thursday the is a 120 mile round trip. Customer wanted me to charge a little less than I did for his in town home which had slightly larger area of carpet to clean(1200 SQFT out of town home total $350.00 in town home 1600 sqft $210). We are talking very litttle size...
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    What would you do?????

    Last night interviewed a perspective employee. Learned she maybe illegal. I personally am gonna call INS on her and give them all of her information after I get her documents checks done and find out if she really is illegal. What would you do? And do you know what the penalties are if you do...
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    Boat cleaning - Any advice?

    Hopefully you have an auto dump. I did a 50 ft boat a few weeks ago on drydock; carpet upholstery cloth side panels brought $900. Don't under price yourself from profit. If they can afford the boat they can afford the cleaning.
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    What is the best way to get into Janitorial ?

    Yes. I even let them see the hollow points!!
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    Whip it.......whip it good

    I have an old plastic gallon mayo jar with a large mouth lid; put chems in add water shake madly and scoop out as needed. Works awesome.
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    What is the best way to get into Janitorial ?

    Seems the longer you survive in business the more word gets around. We have great self standing insurance policies; most companies use payroll services which if your employee steals everything your company has the insurance fight is sure to be a long one and will least likely produce any...
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    Anyone near Pensacola, Fl....

    Got a Floor machine(175rpm) and a Burnisher(1500rpm) both electric they need to sale??
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    That why these are made; which can have autofill/dump which would house your backup pump. a Rotovac with these would rock!! You...
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    Sooooo Im running my living social ad today........

    I keep telling everyone to do trailier park specials; talk about quick money. Don't laugh till you try it!! 4 weeks ago we did 165 $69.99 jobs in 3 days with 3 trucks.
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    Sooooo Im running my living social ad today........

    I love those Saltillo jobs; it is so easy money.
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    Look what I found in a customers closet; What where they doing in htere!!!

    While we're name calling Mr Smart Ass; no. An electrically repair guy near my house; oh yeah; he is the same guy that fixes everyones t/m's for miles around.