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  • Buy a good generator; preferably 17kw; may run you about $2500; but you could run a house on it; I use an 8k which is more than enough. Buy a NEW propane 2ht at least, 4 jet Westpak wand; repack pump replace 500 psi bearing for and 800psi bearing. Good Luck out there and be safe.
    hello rickie.

    I was reading some of your post, and I was just wondering if you use your recoil from inside a van or trailer. You mentioned from your post that you use a propane heater. I'am so new to the business and currently use a CFX with a rotovac. I want soon want to get a 2nd machine, and i believe it will be a recoil or an m5, and custom make a trailer. so i can service the homes from a truckmount instead of plugging in their home.

    Thanks, I really appreciate any input!
    I have heard and seen a lot in my days; One thing for sure is nothing is getting cheaper. I was looking around at my system the other day; calculated how much money I got into that old van; then I went back and went through invoices. I have paid for vehicle, system(including every single thing I use to work with) and a lot of personal bills several times over. In the time I have owned my Recoil my gas burners have costed me 3 times the cost of a new Recoil system. The only reason I still own them is because I lease them to large corporation accounts exclusively; They are road hogs. They make me money but nowhere near the profitability of a Recoil system.
    hi rickie,
    ive read alot of your post on here and you seem like a real down to earth guy.im trying to break into the carpet cleaning bizz.iwasnt even going to consider a poty until i read some of your post.now you got me wanting one..lol.i'd love to have a truckmount but i cant afford one.do costumers ever give you a hard time about your porty?and you can also run this from your truck?do they hold up well?any advise i'd really appreciate.
    Thank you very much Rickie. I will be happy to be and to be known as one of your friends. I feel honored!

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