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    CRB VS.............HEAT!!!

    I use a CRB for agitating my prespray in all carpet cleaning jobs regardless of soil levels. If doing a heavily soiled carpet then I’ll follow with T-Rex. Agitating your prespray with the CRB makes rinsing a breeze. A CRB will also dig out all kinds of crap even the best vacuum machine would...
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    Portable and truckmount in same van

    Do you carry your portable in the same van with your truckmount?
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    Portable and truckmount in same van

    I do use my portable quite a lot. Thing is I currently have to use a dedicated transit connect van for hauling it. If I am able to haul it in the same van as my truckmount then I could get rid of the transit connect.
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    Portable and truckmount in same van

    Who carries a portable in their van with a truckmount? I am thinking of rearranging things in my van to be able to carry a portable every day. Currently my Nautilus doesn’t fit. I am thinking of getting a belly fresh water tank to go under the truckmount and get rid of the over the wheelwell...
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    Carpet cleaner gunned down while cleaning

    Is it now when I pretend to be the toughest mofo in TMF and post photos of my weapons and say I’ll shoot anybody who gives me the stinky eye?
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    Compact autoscrubber

    Hi you all, I have a Taski Swingo 150 floor autoscrubber for sale. Ideal for cleaning hardwood floors. We used it occasionally for cleaning a lobby floor at an apartment complex where we just lost the account. It’s in excellent condition. It’s super practical and vacuum is strong for its size we...
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    If you do a lot of commercial....

    What TM do you run it with? And, is that the spinner?
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    If it’s a hoax, I hope those who created it die, if it’s real, I hope all of you who believe it’s a hoax get infected and die. Now, can we go back to discuss cleaning and marketing strategies you cleaners? Thank you!
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    Hydramaster Oasis plus Ozone machine for sale

    Weird, I had just quoted you and asked you about your preferred Ozone generators on another thread and then I noticed you had also replied to me in this post just a few minutes before. [emoji846] Sorry, I also posted it in my local Craigslist and it sold.
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    Check out my new Hydroxyl Generator!

    I have a TZ2 and like it a lot, what are the other good generators you’re talking about? Interested to know. [emoji846]
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    Upgrade Grit Brush for the 175

    Would the malish blue (clean-grit) be too aggressive for scrubbing/cleaning travertine and/or limestone? I know it’s labeled “clean-grit”, I just got one intended to be used on cleaning natural stone floors but the bristles seem to be almost too stiff for scrubbing stone just for cleaning. Does...
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    Stone floors sealing

    Have you ever had any issues? I am guessing no. I usually place blowers to help with drying and I seal the same day. I don’t do a ton of natural stone floors but haven’t had any issues or complaints either. I have a travertine floor clean and color enhancer seal job coming up, first time using...
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    Stone floors sealing

    Who really cleans a stone floor and waits “several days” for it to dry to come back to seal it as recommended by some manufacturers?
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    Best sealer for travertine

    Are some or all color enhancers, impregnating sealers as well? Or they’re more like surface sealers, meaning they create a covering film on the surface?
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    Using the term disinfection cleaning

    And then you also have retailers selling all kinds of questionable disinfectants and disinfecting equipment.