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    Upgrade Grit Brush for the 175

    Would the malish blue (clean-grit) be too aggressive for scrubbing/cleaning travertine and/or limestone? I know it’s labeled “clean-grit”, I just got one intended to be used on cleaning natural stone floors but the bristles seem to be almost too stiff for scrubbing stone just for cleaning. Does...
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    Stone floors sealing

    Have you ever had any issues? I am guessing no. I usually place blowers to help with drying and I seal the same day. I don’t do a ton of natural stone floors but haven’t had any issues or complaints either. I have a travertine floor clean and color enhancer seal job coming up, first time using...
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    Stone floors sealing

    Who really cleans a stone floor and waits “several days” for it to dry to come back to seal it as recommended by some manufacturers?
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    Best sealer for travertine

    Are some or all color enhancers, impregnating sealers as well? Or they’re more like surface sealers, meaning they create a covering film on the surface?
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    Using the term disinfection cleaning

    And then you also have retailers selling all kinds of questionable disinfectants and disinfecting equipment.
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    Electrostatic??? Looks like the NeverPump I came across this as I was searching the internet, it looks like the NeverPump pump but in different color and with different tips.
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    Best material for equipment tags?

    I want to tag my equipment with our logo, like our vacuums machines, floor machines etc. Is vinyl decals the way to go? More for advertising if you will. Our janitorial crew services large apartment complexes and so I think it’s nice to have our logo attached to our equipment. I recently bought...
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    Adding a pump out

    Nice! Is it the whale gulper?
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    Hydramaster Oasis plus Ozone machine for sale

    I have an excellent conditions Ozone generator by hydramaster. Am asking $600, I paid more than double when brand new and only used about 3 times.
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    Adding a pump out

    Any photos you can share?
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    Adding a pump out

    Is there anything you don’t know Jim?? :) Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
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    Adding a pump out

    I think I wanna build one of Bob’s APO and get a power inverter to power it. Does anyone have a power inverter connected to their gas/diesel powered TM’s battery as opposed to being connected to your Van’s battery? I am thinking that if I am gonna use this APO while cleaning, then having the...
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    Anyone has a Titan 575 on the hydramaster belly tank?

    I have a fresh water tank in my current van, it’s one of those over the rear wheel well, I want to make use of that space when I put my new van together, I think I am ok to trade off the inconveniences that would come with servicing the TM with the gain of space in the back. Often enough I have...
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    Anyone has a Titan 575 on the hydramaster belly tank?

    I am thinking of getting the Hydramaster 85 gallon rotomolded tank to mount my Titan 575 on and in a ford transit 250, low roof. I know I need to first make sure it will fit but, does anyone have the 575 and rotomolded tank combo? What are the pros and cons of the tank? TIA!